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  1. Found it In race_server.lua a function called "function raceTimeout()". Thanks to this post. Just had to add an event to it and then trigger it.
  2. As the title says - how can I make the time left become 15 seconds (without all players having finished) without actually waiting for it to happen naturally (force it)? I'm talking about the race gamemode btw. I just can't remember/find how this could be done (but I know I've seen it long ago somewhere around the files, just idk what to search for now). Example of normal occurance: All players finish (or the ones that have not finished are in 'Spectating' mode) - timeleft becomes 15 seconds (doesn't matter what it was before that). I need to make this work in my resource but don't know the name of the event that I need to trigger or of the function I have to use. Help, please
  3. If you play MTA then there's always that guy who you've seen at some server who knows someone whose cousin's brother's nephew knows some sort of scripting. And that guy probably knows other guys who know scripting. Don't hurry to give your money just yet. Maybe someone will do it for you for free. I know a lot of lua scripters all thanks to simply playing MTA. We all help each other for free. Good luck
  4. [QUESTION] Different types of 'for' loops.

    I've never worked with tables that much to be honest. Just wanted to try optimise my server a bit for potato pcs. But will try this, sounds good to know for my university, even though it's C++ there.
  5. [QUESTION] Different types of 'for' loops.

    Good thing I asked before editing lol Guess I'll leave things as they are.
  6. [QUESTION] Different types of 'for' loops.

    Hey again, can someone say if these loops are identical? local t = {} for k, v in pairs(theTable) do if type(v) == "table" then t[k] = table.copy(theTable) else t[k] = v end end local t = {} for i = 1, #theTable do if type(theTable[i]) == "table" then t[i] = table.copy(theTable) else t[i] = theTable[i] end end I want to make all loops like the second one to get better performance but am not sure if they'll function the same. Would it be worth it to edit all 'for' loops of my server's resources (around 100) or performance would still remain the same in reality? They only go through small-ish tables, nothing huge.
  7. [Help]Redirect Server player

    I got confused a bit He's mixed up redirecting all players and redirecting one player in the code. If everyone will be redirected why is the last outputChatBox needed? And yeah do as the guy above me said @Lorder.
  8. setAcccountData

    I use it for exactly the same reason
  9. setAcccountData

    I'm using it in a lot of places and it's fine. I guess if you set an infinite 50ms timer and try to setAccountData inside of it it will lag but...c'mon who would do that? In normal usage it's fine.
  10. [Help]Redirect Server player

    @Lorder try this: function redirect(player) setTimer(function(target) redirectPlayer(target, "", 22017) end ,5000, 1, player) outputChatBox("You will be moved to the other server in 5 seconds...", player) outputChatBox("Player "..getPlayerName(player).." has moved to the other server!", root, 250, 255, 0, true) end addCommandHandler("go", redirect)
  11. I don't get it... yesterday it didn't work. It showed 0 markers and they stayed untouched. I did the same thing today and everything's fine ._. what
  12. [Help]Redirect Server player

    What's the error in /debugscript 3 ?
  13. Yeah I hid blips exactly the same way but markers couldn't. But hello setMarkerSize(), this is a nice idea
  14. It is Idk why it says 0, like they're not of type 'marker' or something.
  15. Well the easiest way to see if they get detected is this, and it shows 0 in chatbox. function markersTest() local markers = getElementsByType("marker") outputChatBox(#markers) end addCommandHandler("markerstest", markersTest) While doing the same for blips shows 2.