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  1. koragg

    Help me with my download screen

    You can put a: if isTimer(check) then killTimer(check) end after line 13 and before line 14.
  2. koragg

    [HELP] Map Toptimes on the web?

    It's 1 second
  3. koragg

    [HELP] Map Toptimes on the web?

    Thanks to those links I made another thing I wanted And integrated it in my site, looks cool: http://www.classicracing.ml/index.php Will continue with toptimes later on.
  4. koragg

    [HELP] Map Toptimes on the web?

    That's some advanced stuff @IIYAMA I don't think that many people will spam the web toptimes as my server is more of a personal one and only a few people know about it. But my biggest problem is that I have no idea how to start doing the web tops page. I guess I'd prefer using javascript as that's how the web scoreboard is made and can maybe reference things from it, dunno.
  5. koragg

    [HELP] Map Toptimes on the web?

    Well map toptimes get saved in a SQLite database by default. Shouldn't that work? If the server is online, means the database is also on the web.
  6. Hey guys, Today I added my server's scoreboard to my website and decided to finally ask the question I'm about to. How to create something similar to this http://www.fullysik.net/index.php?page=53 ? Is there some tutorial of some kind, someone who can help me make it or actually share such a page if already made? It looks awesome and it's the last piece of the puzzle for me: IRC Chat is there, connected to the in-game one; now also added the scoreboard too & only map toptimes are left to make the integration complete (for me it will be, my server doesn't use site accounts for logins but I don't want that so it's fine). Any help is appreciated. I know how to add Tabs and so on to SMF since today so the only problem is creating the actual page and making it work.
  7. koragg

    setVehiclePlateText partially works

    We've all been like this haha. Things would break on their own and then get fixed on their own. Mystery
  8. koragg

    [HELP] Web Scoreboard

    I finally fixed it! From here: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Resource_Web_Access#Calls_from_the_HTTP_web_interface I had to set all occurrences of "<right name="general.http" access="true"></right>" to true and also had to add it for all ACL groups. Now works like a charm No annoying login anymore.
  9. koragg


    Never did it myself (not yet at least) but this looks like a nice tutorial:
  10. koragg


    Seems like you've put the sockets module in the wrong place. Have a look at this: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Modules/Sockets Notice that the location is different for 32bit and 64bit systems. Also remember that if your server is on a Windows machine you should get the .dll file. If it's on Linux - you need the .so one. And add the line mentioned in the above post to your mtaserver.conf file. Good luck
  11. koragg

    Check if resource is a map clientside?

    Just realized. Can't I make this work with events? Seems easier tbh. Will try checking if it's a map by triggering a server event and then triggering a client event from the server event which would make the client know if it's a map or not. If this doesn't work I'll try the above^
  12. koragg

    [REL] Health regeneration (player/vehicle)

    It never amazes me how much if else i have to use for even the simplest resource haha. I like having everything green so ignoring warnings is not an option for me as well nice work bro
  13. Sadly the service ended a few days ago. Thanks to anyone who trusted us during those years, hope we were useful
  14. koragg

    Check if resource is a map clientside?

    Will do but probably in December as I'm attacked by tests almost every day in university now
  15. Hey guys, Recently I tried to fix one bug in my ghost spectate resource but I need to check if a resource is indeed a map or not clientside. I know that the mapmanager has a serverside function which does this but I need a clientside way so I can use onClientResourceStop handler on resources that are maps. Otherwise the code shouldn't work if I restart a normal script for example.