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  1. Hi guys, i was trying to load some korean strings from mariadb like "소말리아", "중국" and when it's loaded with dbPoll and look at it with outputChatBox its characters are replaced with question marks ( "소말리아" -> "????", "중국" -> "??" ) and when it's saved to mariadb, it also displays it as question marks i tried changing collation and connection collation of mariadb to both utf-8 and euckr(korean charset) but it didn't work i would be really gratefull if someone can solve this for me here's the code i used function loadNations() local qh = dbQuery(dbc,"select * from nations") local result = dbPoll(qh,-1) for i=1,#result do nations[i] = {} for k,v in pairs(result[i]) do nations[i][k] = v end end end function saveNations() local qh for i=1,#nations do for k,v in pairs(nations[i]) do dbExec(dbc,"update nations set `??`=? where nid=?",k,v,nations[i]["nid"]) end end end edit: solved, i had to provide charset when using dbConnect
  2. wait does this print actual location? that's a bit scary but if so very useful for blocking spam user. thanks for sharing with us
  3. Thanks, I guess I'll have to paint it myself
  4. THANKS!! Can you give me a little example or wiki link I couldn't find that on wiki I just started mta modding, have no clue
  5. Is it possible to import more then one skin on one model? (Ex. add Spitfire and IL-10 on rustler to devide team) I hope it is possible i was searching it almost a day please give me the answer