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  1. I'll make this question point blank: Will the Hunter's rocket launcher and minigun be synced? Will you atleast make it a server-side option (cvar)?
  2. FIXED! Oh my god, you wont believe what I did to fix it. You know what I did? ....I installed the sound card drivers. Yes.. you heard right. I havent installed them yet since I just formatted and havent planned on using the speakers for a day or so. Then I figured; well, you know what - what if this is the problem? I shrugged it off since I didnt think installing a sound card driver would make MTAVC talk to Vice. So, after all these hours.. I figured t'hell with it, its worth a try. So it works. Now, guys, if this happens to you.. install those freegin drivers! Perhaps you guys should put this in the Readme.
  3. Negative. I already turned off all XP built in firewalls. I killed myself ingame and the guy said it didnt announce I died.. so, therefor... MTA must not be communicating with Vice.
  4. I reinstalled VC... I reinstalled MTA ten times.. I've reset the game path, I've reset the config.cfg. When I reset the config.cfg it says: GTA3:MTA config.cfg could not be reset because your GTA3 Game Path is NOT set. Please set it now and try again. Odd since I'm playing Vice not GTA3. The servers I'm playing on is Vice. I dont know what to do.. or what it is. I've tried stunt servers, deathmatch servers. Setting it to 1.1 instead of 1.0 crashes the game... I have VC 1.0.
  5. Damn! I played for five minutes SP and still nobody shows up in MTA..
  6. I'm not. Everything is stock, untouched. I mean, everything. PC was formatted yesterday. No files in VC or MTA has been touched. I havent even played VC singleplayer yet on this format.
  7. Forgive me, how nubbish of me to forget to list these.. It's Windows XP Pro, SP1. DX 9.0b w/ the Omega Catalyst 4.7
  8. As the title says, I cannot see anybody ingame no matter what server I goto (deathmatch / stunt). This PC has been formatted yesterday and has a fresh copy of Vice + MTA .4 + ASE. I can run around and do everything ingame, but nobody appears and nobody is on the blips. Any ideas? Thanks, Randy ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe Mobo Intel Pentium 4 3.0C GHz 800MHz FSB, OC'd @ 3.3GHz 2 GB of Corsair TwinX XMS PC-3200C2PT Western Digital Raptor 74GB + External Western Digital Caviar 200GB ATI Radeon 9700 Pro w/ Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer Rev.2, OC'd @ 360/670 Creative Labs Audigy2 ZS 22" NEC MultiSync FP1355
  9. Too bad they had to modify the handling.cfg to get some of those stunts.
  10. Like I said - was my first video and didn't know what I was doing at the time. But, thanks.
  11. I know its MTA only for going under it but what I meant is there any other way to obtain the egg in sp.
  12. There was just way too much repeated jumps there. Got bored.
  13. I made this movie back in July but I forgot to post it. It's not the best editing job but I think it came out okay - [Now Hosted @ TGA] http://thegamersalliance.com/videos/eXtremeStunts.mpg Randy
  14. who made an ati compatible driver?
  15. Or just register a new account. Why make a keygen? :]
  16. What would stop them from obtaining a new Key?
  17. how would it work with a ATI Radeon 9700 Pro?
  18. What would stop people from simply registering a new account? MTA is free so theres no CDKey included.
  19. http://www.fraps.com I choose Running animations and better netcode. But over EVERYTHING, no more constant crashing is #1.
  20. I think it would be nice if the guns worked on the hunter, except for the noobs that would spray it - what if the Hunter is parked on a roof higher than a regular chopper would go, and to get to it there will be a hole in the side of a building where you need a chopper to get to - then you jump out of the chopper and if your lucky, you will make it. There is then some stairs you climb and the hunter is on the roof. Perhaps make it so the hunter doesn't always spawn? Just an idea. Any good?
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