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  1. HI, guys, Could you guys help me about Image nametag? the image nametag,requiring images and text Synchronously change in the different distance. could you share me your code of text function and image function? Thanks a lot.
  2. Actually, 1.5.6 works well, I guess It's might be a bug of latest version and have reported this error to github. 你在这个论坛活跃度很高啊!
  3. Dear administrator, I downloaded the 1.5.7 20190910 version, update the server side and client side, the problem(cannot play video) still have. but when I modify the path of video, the page works well in the chrome.
  4. It's a unzipped resource, thanks a lot, I will try it and return you result, thank you again administrator.
  5. Brother, I have the same problem, 1.5.7 cannot play the video in the browser, the privious 1.5.6 version work successfully, in this stage, I don't change anything. all of files, html, video and pictures,scripts, are included in the same resource. my topic: please help us dear developers of MTASA. Yeah, It might be a bug of new version.
  6. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/TriggerServerEvent
  7. meta.xml: <meta> <!-- exports --> <script src= "win.Lua" type = "client" /> <!-- main scripts --> <script src= "client.Lua" type = "client"/> <script src= "server.Lua" type = "server"/> <file src="interface/index.html" /> <file src="interface/assert/logo.png" /> <file src="interface/assert/movie.webm" /> <oop>true</oop> </meta> client.Lua: local screenWi
  8. 669344682


    keep going bro!
  9. Only GUI account system? !!!
  10. Bug Report: Function: CustomStaticImage:setImage Line:9487 function CustomStaticImage.setImage(self, ...) return csiSetImage(self, ...) end Debug Information: ERROR: srp_account\win.lua:9487: attempt to call global'csiSetImage' (a nil value) Solution: Modify csiSetImage to cgiSetImage function CustomStaticImage.setImage(self, ...) return cgiSetImage(self, ...) end Now, it works. And, I'm sorry about that I don't know what the csi and cgi mean, I just simply make it works, please the
  11. Your reputation is the highest level in Chinese.Love you bro !!!
  12. It's true. Please pay more attention to following information underneath the wiki page. year years since 1900 ignore this: @thisdp 灯泡活跃在各大论坛。
  13. I really wish that author keep updating this ui system, It's pretty good - clean and beautiful. I have a problem - the wiki is not complete, for instance the staticImg statement.
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