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  1. MTA may be an "unofficial" hack of the Vice City code. But last I heard, Rockstar openly supported the MTA teams work on this project.
  2. Nomad


    I'M BACK IN THE GAME! I finaly tracked down the frick'n problem... The settings file for VC (usualy found in "VC user files") was correpted some how. One little bitch file was the whole problem. Well, I'm back in the game. Now all I need to do is call my ISP and find out if their going to do something about this damn slow connection I've had since 1AM last night. If I see one more page end up in "Cannot Be Displayed", I'll go postal. I'm paying for broadband for a bloody reason... Excuse me wile I go brake something expensive.
  3. Nomad


    I may be out of this one. My VC crapped out and I can't seem to find the problem. For some strange reason, it just refuses to start. The "gta-vc.exe" process starts up, then closes it's self. Both with the No-CD and original exe files. With the original exe, if I don't have the disc in the drive, I get an error popup whining about it like I should. But... if I put the CD in and run it again, it craps out just as before. I've tried uninstalling it and MTA, remove all registry strings for it and reinstalling VC and MTA. I've tried system restore. chkdsk /f, scandisk, defrag... everything shor
  4. Nomad


    Count me in. What will that time be PST?
  5. I'm honestly suprised that more people didn't know about this. I saw that 10 minutes into my first game of VC
  6. I chose "In certain circumstances". I pretty much go by what you typed for that poll option. But if I'm attacked by a member of my own class, I will retaliate without hesitation. But in most cases, if I have a friend on the same server, and we're two differant classes (ie, I'm a cop and he's a robber) we'll still team up. Needless to say, that can easley confuse other players LOL
  7. I love the official servers, especialy CA #2. I've made quite a few friends on that one server alone. Alot of good games. It just kinda bites when some turd comes on with the intention of screwing with the others fun. Especialy those that do it for an hour, then admit they were cheating, laugh, then leave the server. Now that I know there is a way for me to have a problem looked into, my mind is at ease.
  8. Thankyou very much MrBump. That information is much appreciated
  9. LOL I think a Golf gang would rock. Decked out in those tacky plad pants and fleece vests, running around with gold clubs
  10. I've mostly played on the servers spamped with "MTA Official Server (MTA:VC 0.#) - http://www.wojjie.net" since MTAVC 0.1. I've always had a little nagging question in the back of my mind that I've just shrugged off. But since the release of MTAVC 0.2, that nagging little question has gotten a lot louder. Are the "Official MTA" servers actualy monitered by an admin at any time at all? I ask this question now of all times because I just ran into another fist cheese that likes to "refresh" his health when it gets too low. I've been running into more and more players that seem to like this "te
  11. I've been on the net for a very long time, and have played hundreds of multiplayer games. Everyone of them had some dildo that was cheating in some way, regardless of how much the dev's kept uptop of things, or how fast they released patches. All they can do is try to keep up with it, they'll never win 100% Sniper, if your so pro GtaT, why are you here at all? I could understand if it is just to test the water's, but to actualy come in and rip on the software and its programer's? IMO, your ignorant and rude.
  12. Right click on "config.cfg" and select "open with notepad". If there isn't anything that says that, select" Open with...", "choose program" and select "notpad" from the list.
  13. I love coming out of nowhere in a golfcart and running ppl over. But my personal fav is swooping down in a chopper on a group of ppl fighting it out, slice them up and fly away unscaved. Then watching the chat box fill up with "WTF?!". It just gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling My record for one swoop is 6 kills so far. I check the colors on my radar first, ofcorce
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