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  1. Hi im looking for a script which allows me to only look at online clans on tab. When i click tab now it shows clans that i made but they have no players online. I want the tab to not show offline clans. Only show online clans. can anyone help me please????
  2. Can you please make it for me?
  3. I dont know how to do it. Will it automatically read the and outputchatbox?
  4. Hi i need help on making a resource for votekicking/banning/killing. I need commands for staff like /takeaction [name] [rule] or /action [name] [rule] example /action smile 1 and for the rule is there a way that the system was automatically read and display the full reason in chat example: /action smile 1 outputchatbox: Smile has left the game[Kicked] by [staff name] Reason: 1 Annoying busy staff and also the same function with default players I need them to just type like /vaction [player Name] [Rule] and it will do the same for what it did with staff and there would be a pa
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