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  1. would it be possible to create new weapons for mta? For example, would you like to create new m4 rifles with different textures like on pubg servers that have multiple sniper rifles? seria possivel criar novas armas para o mta? exemplo: gostaria de criar novos rifles m4 com texturas diferentes como em servidores pubg que possuem diversos rifles de precisão como seria possivel realizar tal feito?
  2. I am having difficulty sending email by mta someone has a functional code
  3. Error: http://prntscr.com/lqcc3z WARNING: [VSK]Mail\s.lua:9: Unrecognized argument list for callRemote: bad arguments or missing arguments Server.lua addEventHandler("onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), function() local email = "zimaplay1@gmail.com" local titulo = "batata" local senha = "batata" callRemote ("http://vskdev.mtabrasilhost.com/testes/index.php", result, email,titulo,senha) end) index.php <?php require "sdk/mta_sdk.php"; $table = mta::getInput(); $email = $table[0]; $subject = $table[1]; $body = $table[2]; $result = mail($email,$subject,$body); var_dump($result); } ?>
  4. as i can allow the connection from database to outside?
  5. test_db = dbConnect("mysql", "dbname=u601341268_black;host=sql29.hostinger.com.br;", "root", "blackblack") if test_db then outputDebugString( "Connection with database was successfully established." ) else outputDebugString( "Connection with database couldn't be established." ) end Error in debugscript: Bad usage @ 'db'Connect [Acess denied for user 'root'@'ip' <using password: YES>]
  6. Someone know the animation hands on back? Handcuff Script!
  7. tabelanimacao = { ifp = {}, animacoes = { "GunMove_BWD", "GunMove_FWD", "GunMove_L", "GunMove_R", "GunCrouchBwd", "GunCrouchFwd", "IDLE_armed", "JOG_maleA", "run_armed", "Run_stop", "run_player", "run_right", "run_left", "run_old", "run_civi", "ARRESTgun", "Crouch_Roll_L", "Crouch_Roll_R", "getup", "SEAT_down", "SEAT_up", "SEAT_idle", "getup_front", "GUN_BUTT", "GUN_BUTT_crouch", "GUN_2_IDLE", "Gun_stand", "HitA_1", "HitA_2", "HitA_3", "HIT_back", "HIT_behind", "HIT_front", "HIT_GUN_BUTT", "HIT_L", "HIT_R", "HIT_walk", "HIT_wall", "IDLE_chat", "IDLE_csaw", "Idle_Gang1", "IDLE_HBHB", "IDLE_ROCKET", "IDLE_stance", "IDLE_taxi", "IDLE_tired", "CLIMB_idle", "CLIMB_jump", "CLIMB_jump2fall", "CLIMB_jump_B", "CLIMB_Pull", "CLIMB_Stand", "Climb_Stand_Finish", "JUMP_glide", "JUMP_land", "JUMP_launch", "JUMP_launch_R", "KD_left", "KD_right", "KO_shot_face", "KO_shot_front", "KO_shot_stom", "KO_skid_back", "KO_skid_front", "KO_spin_L", "KO_spin_R", "phone_in", "phone_out", "phone_talk", "Player_Sneak", "Player_Sneak_walkstart", "WALK_armed", "WALK_civi", "WALK_csaw", "Walk_DoowPartial", "WALK_drunk", "WALK_fat", "WALK_fatold", "WALK_gang1", "WALK_gang2", "WALK_old", "WALK_player", "WALK_rocket", "WALK_shuffle", "WALK_start", "WALK_start_armed", "WALK_start_csaw", "WALK_start_rocket", "Walk_Wuzi", "WEAPON_crouch", "FALL_collapse", "FALL_back", "FALL_fall", "FALL_front", "FALL_glide", "FALL_land", "FALL_skyDive", "gum_eat", "DAM_armL_frmBK", "DAM_armL_frmFT", "DAM_armL_frmLT", "DAM_armR_frmBK", "DAM_armR_frmFT", "DAM_armR_frmRT", "DAM_LegL_frmBK", "DAM_LegL_frmFT", "DAM_LegL_frmLT", "DAM_LegR_frmBK", "DAM_LegR_frmFT", "DAM_LegR_frmLT", "EV_dive", "EV_step", "endchat_01", "endchat_02", "endchat_03" } } addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() tabelanimacao.ifp["block"] = "ped" tabelanimacao.ifp["ifp"] = engineLoadIFP("ped.ifp", tabelanimacao.ifp["block"]) for _, v in ipairs(tabelanimacao.animacoes) do engineReplaceAnimation(getLocalPlayer(), "ped", v, tabelanimacao.ifp["block"], v) end end ) how i do for is animation appear for all players? That mode appear only for your player!
  8. "how do I perform the sum of the returned values of the teams, they return in number but when performing the sum to be displayed in the DX occurs error can anyone else?" local dende = "dende" local acari = "acari" local cidadealta = "cidadealta" function parte (_,state) if parte1 == false then showCursor(true) addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, part1) parte1 = true else showCursor(false) removeEventHandler("onClientRender", root, part1) parte1 = false end end bindKey("F7", "down", parte) local screenW2,screenH2 = guiGetScreenSize() local resW2, resH2 = 1366,768 local x, y = (screenW2/resW2/2), (screenH2/resH2/2) local parte1 = false local comandovermelho = countPlayersInTeam(dende) local comandovermelho2 = countPlayersInTeam(acari) local comandovermelho3 = countPlayersInTeam(cidadealta) local resultado = (tonumber(comandovermelho) + tonumber(comandovermelho2) + tonumber(comandovermelho3)) function part1 () if(countPlayersInTeam(comandovermelho) > 0)then dxDrawText("Valor:"..resultado, 656, 500, 719, 311, tocolor(0, 255, 0, 255), 1.40, "default-bold", "left", "top", false, false, false, true, false) else dxDrawText("Online:".. countPlayersInTeam(comandovermelho), 656, 320, 719, 311, tocolor(255, 0, 0, 255), 1.40, "default-bold", "left", "top", false, false, false, true, false) end end local x,y = guiGetScreenSize() function isCursorOnElement(x,y,w,h) local mx,my = getCursorPosition () local fullx,fully = guiGetScreenSize() cursorx,cursory = mx*fullx,my*fully if cursorx > x and cursorx < x + w and cursory > y and cursory < y + h then return true else return false end end
  9. I tried to make a gridlist that open only shows players belonging to the team but did not succeed any of you would have an example?
  10. Personally I have a script to change animation of floor (IFP) but it appears only to the player and it is not possible to see the others using this animation how can be done correction?
  11. Portugues: Não Consigo Colocar Nos Meus Paineis Dx Aquela Função De Parte-1 Parte-2 Alguem Pode Me AJudar Ingles: I Can not Put In My panels Dx That Function In Part-1 Part-2 Someone can help me
  12. Estou Fazendo Um Assalto A Loja e Quero Que Após o Player ter Subido No Marker com Animação Ela Pare Sozinha Após Um Tempo.Please Help-me Obs:Iniciando Com Script. Eu Uso No Momento: setPedAnimation(localplayer, "POLICE", "Door_Kick", -1, false, true, false)
  13. Meu MTA Esta SEndo Kickado E Banido Por Um TRAINER Oque E Trainer Alguem Pode ME Explicar? Fui Banido Por 1Dia No MTA Por Esse Motivo Alguem Me AJuda???
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