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  1. Hmm, I've created a turret(using custom weapons) tho, it's a bit buggy atm ._. Even if I go out of the turret's colSphere it still attacks me D: also, how can I easily make the turret miss sometimes? A minigun turret with 100% accuracy is a bit over powered... I've tried making a table that will contain all elements that enter the turret's colSphere. Code: TurretClient.lua -- Client Functions function tableContains(tab, val) for _, v in pairs(tab) do if v == val then return true end end return false end addEvent("onTurretCreate", true) f
  2. Ok, I think I kinda get how it works now. Tho, how would I update the turrets to newly joined players? should I just get all turret positions and create a turret for specifically the new player?
  3. @Citizen, I don't think my safezone script is causing problems, I've tried my turret system with the safezone script turned off and it still gave me the same results. As for the scripts, I've changed it, I had a look at custom weapons(like Buffalo said) and it's also good , though I'm having a problem with this script tho, the turret(custom weapon) spawns fine but it does nothing, it was supposed to shoot when I go inside its colSphere, I've received errors also: [2015-10-07 17:10:49] WARNING: Turret\Turret.lua:47: Bad argument @ 'getElementData' [Expected element at argument 1, got boolean
  4. So I've been banging my head over this problem for awhile now, I can't seem to fix it. I've created a simple turret system but I can't seem to fix it's problem, it supposed to shoot anyone that comes inside its attack range(a ColSphere), it attacks me when I come inside the ColSphere but the problem is it doesn't do any damage(the shots), the only time the shots will ever do any damage is when I get out of the ColSphere. It's really better explained in a video. So what happens here basically is: I go inside the turret's range, it attacks me, rotates correctly, but does no damage. Then whe
  5. I already tried M4 and AK47 but it's still the same, as for shotgun, I need the bot to be able to attack mid-long range but a shotgun is only good for short range
  6. Thanks guys for the answers, I think I'll go with triggerClientEvent for my safe zone script
  7. Ok, so I tried it, I don't know if this happens only to me but the bots are a bit buggy D: they can't shoot accurately, they rarely hit me with guns, the only time I get hit if it's melee combat, even if I gave the bot a Minigun it still can't hit me...(it just keeps shooting at me, but no damage)
  8. So I was making a safe zone system, I was just wondering, what is better, triggerClientEvent or setElementData?, my safe zone script works but I don't which of those is more efficient.
  9. Thanks dude, I'll try and use it
  10. Is it possible to make like 5 bots for each alive player that will follow them, attack any enemy players/bots that get close and can also be commanded by the player on where to go? Are there any functions that I can use to make this idea happen? I've searched in the wiki a bit by haven't found any function for bots...
  11. Ah, nice to know it's possible, but could you give me a simple example on how to do it ?
  12. Hi, So, is it possible to script a usable turret? like the missile launchers in that Area69/Restricted area part, is it possible to make those usable by a player to shoot down aircraft/enemies ? Thanks in advance...
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