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  1. Hey mate, you have posted in the wrong forum; click here for help forum. Also, you have to post the code you are using for this.
  2. The ports are randomly closing and opening...
  3. A little help here.
  4. Gravestone

    Port forwarding

    I forwarded ports on my new router but it doesn't seem to be working for all the ports. Only 22003 is forwarded.
  5. If you could fix this bug in the next update, it'd be good: Unbreakable objects when have a property of breakable set to false, can be broken with any melee weapon (Pool stick, golf stick, dildo, fist etc.) However they can't be broken with guns like ak, uzi, sawed etc. Watch the video here.
  6. So it has been 3 days since my local server is crashing/closing again and again. When I turn on the server and no one is in it, it runs smooth but when I connect, it crashes/closes after 3-5 minutes. There is no warning in the logs.
  7. What can improve the streaming memory? Ram, processor or something else? @ccw
  8. Reinstalled GTA SA, didn't fix the problem.
  9. I have cj_money_bag.txd modified with a higher quality texture. Does that cause any problem?
  10. So the problem is, there is an interior location's entrance here and the interior is located about 1000 units above Z axis on the same location as it's entrance but in another dimension. So what happens is that when I exit the interior from it's exit inside, I spawn in dimension 0 from where I entered. But when I hit the exit marker, my screen freezes for like 3-4 seconds and then I spawn at the entrance. I guess this is because I have a bad PC which renders the world late? Is there anyway I could improve this problem? It's really annoying.
  11. In one of the scripts of the resource, the event onResourceStart is being cancelled.
  12. I recently tried to set a GUI static image's color using guiSetProperty. First I didn't know which property to use so I used GUI Editor, created an image and set it's color to green. This is what the code looked like: guiSetProperty(GUIEditor.staticimage[1], "ImageColours", "tl:FF00FF00 tr:FF00FF00 bl:FF00FF00 br:FF00FF00") Now if I have to set the image's color to specific RGB values, how do I figure out what the code should look like matching this "tl:FF00FF00 tr:FF00FF00 bl:FF00FF00 br:FF00FF00". I hope you guys understand.
  13. I think it can be done using shaders somehow. I saw a way to do this in some post, I've forgot which.
  14. Use guiSetVisible to manage visibility.
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