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  1. Hmmm I have an Nvidia chipset too (nforce 2) and i get the prob. Maye it hardware related.
  2. MTA is being sold! Look at this if u havent already seen it! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3059341221&category=4596
  3. here is the tutorial mad boy: http://vcworld.gtagaming.com/tutorials.htm
  4. i wasn't trying to critisise the MTA team's work, far from it. I appreciate the work they have done imensly, without them, we would have no MTA. i was merly trying to see if others on this forum were in agreement with my idea which could possibly be put in place in a future version of mta. sorry if i sounded ungratefull.
  5. thankyou Cerbera, that is exactl;y what i was trying to say
  6. this may sound odd, but when i played MTA 0.1 we used to mod bikes on our lan and get them going about 1000 kmh with weights of 100 tons, and it didnt crash, so what would be wrong with having crc check as an option on lans?
  7. I agree, if u r willing to accept that it will crash, u should be allowed to use it on ur lan
  8. Hey, with mta vc 0.3, i think it would be a good idea if you could choose to enable the CRC check (the thing that checks 4 modified handling and etc) when you start the server. thatway, if u are on a lan with ur mates, u can still play with modded handling. or alternativley, i am currently writing a GTA file backer uperer in VB which backs up ur Vital files, then u can make it automatically place the original or modded ones in ur VC dir and start VC. it has presets for MTA and a full backup and takes less than 2 secs for jutst MTA files This way u can have modded cars in SP, then click one
  9. Goddammitt!! I know this question - i remember it from when i was in yr 7, but i cant remeber the answer!!!!
  10. Check out this link for converting GTA 3 to VC http://www.vcworld.web1000.com/adapt_gta3.htm
  11. Hi, i have just written a tutorial on converting GTA 3 custom cars to VC. i need people to check it 4 errors. please check it and if you find an error, or have a sugestion, post it here. the tutorial is at: http://www.vcworld.web1000.com/adapt_gta3.htm thx
  12. Wat detonators do you have? I have ti 4200 overclocked and i run 41.09's
  13. I Think i know what you mean. Try this: Open up options in VC, go to video. Turn ON frame limiter. This may work (it worked 4 me)
  14. Yeah, i had probs running the aus version of VC when i used the exe it came with. (although my prob was that it crashed when u started a new game) I had a look, and it turns out the exe is a different size (about 100 kb different i think) to the other versions maybe this is what causes it, becuase its not all coded for i guess. i just use a backup cd crack (fairlight 1.1) (with the original cd) and it works fine. this fixed the prob for 0.1 and 0.2.
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