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  1. Hello, today after long time of working and development I decided to sell my own resources that I created .. all of them are lua I just created a copy ideas of CIT not original AND MANY RESOURCES SEND MESSAGE HERE OR WHATSAPP; [Edited] OR MESSENGER FACEBOOK [Edited]
  2. Leo Messi


    So okay, I've got an email script from the MTA SA community which lets you able to send an email by using a specified GUI ingame and u put the email that you want to send to, like leox@hotmail.com Well, so seems like the PHP link has expired, has anyone another link? local randomMails = {"contactus@server.com", "helpdesk@server.com", "noreply@server.com", "costumersupport@server.com", "register@server.com"} function fromRandom() return randomMails[math.random(#randomMails)] end function sendCustomMail(subject, header, sendto, mail) local header = "From: "..subject.." <"..(
  3. Hello, I'm selling CIS 2017 resources which is like CIT to be more clear, I don't sell leaked or .luac resources, so if someone wanted to say stolen or .luac resources I want to say you're wrong, contact me in FB: https://www.facebook.com/majd.shikh1 Or add me in WhatsApp: +972 0504557506 ^ Add me in these social media to get more info, price isn't a problem for me.
  4. Good idea, but wastes time and I already made it before I need something new
  5. So simple and easy, I want to make something like; for example; I created an icon (static image) and if I clicked near this image it will add event on it like onClientGUIClick and get a message with 'You clicked on x image' for example. Just like CIT rapid transportation map to be clear.
  6. Hello, since I don't have paypal or something to pay on, is there any host which accepts mobile payment, like entering my phone number and receive an SMS to confirm the host just like; delux-host but Delux host is no longer available, please?
  7. How's it possible? can't you give me an example? Thats my map img window = 'hidden' -- Window stuff is hidden map = guiCreateStaticImage(12.5, 25, 700, 700, "map.png", false, window)
  8. Is it possible to get F11 things like (turfs) into a static image in a gui?
  9. Leo Messi


    Thank you, I already done it. Thanks bro.
  10. Leo Messi


    Can't you give me an example?
  11. Leo Messi


    Hello, I want help in something for example I created the a map just like F11, once I click on any place on the map it will create a blip on the x, y of the position I choosed, I tried but didn't work.. -- WINDOW is created but it's useless so I removed it from this code. map = guiCreateStaticImage(10, 25, 700, 685, "map.png", false, window) -- I CREATED Command handler of opening the gui, etc. function createDest() if source ~= map then return end if isElement(blipImg) then destroyElement(blipImg) outputChatBox(getPlayerName(localPlayer).." has removed the group dest
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