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  1. [Question] databases connections

    No i don't mean that, I mean if there was too many connections, Like every resource has its own database.
  2. [Question] databases connections

    Hello guys, if there was too many resources uses a private database (dbConnect), Would that going to cause a problem ?, Like losing connection on some other resources or something ?
  3. Invisible weapons

    okey, is it possible to set the property of the weapon on the local player only ? not for all weapons with same model ? like for making custom weapon, if i used 2 Deagles with different textures how to make the first texture with private property ? and the second one also ?
  4. Invisible weapons

    ok let's say that it works that's not for all weapons cause i took the image inside the txd and used it for another weapon but it still the same weapon
  5. Invisible weapons

    i'm using engineLoadTXD and engineImportTXD
  6. Invisible weapons

    that actually didn't work
  7. Invisible weapons

    no actually i can't find any solution till now so yeah i would be happy if you did
  8. Invisible weapons

    i tried with photoshop but i got a white weapon in my hand, still visible
  9. Invisible weapons

    hello guys, i'm trying to make an invisible weapons i know that i should use DFF + TXD i tried to remove the weapon from DFF and reuploaded the weapon to the server all i got is a Crash is there any mod or something that can do this ?
  10. Removing world object

    the problem is i don't know the id of it
  11. Removing world object

    hello guys, is it possible to remove certain windows lights ? from the buildings ? cause i have a building that i want to remove the lights from it but i can't get the light id
  12. [Help] Calculator

    Thank you for your help.
  13. [Help] Calculator

    that's a good idea but i have this way: string.gsub ("letter45", "%D", "") -- result: 45 it returns the numbers only but if i entered one of these methods: (+ - * /) it removes them too .. so .. i made this function .. i think it's good now to use it like this way .. function filterMath (text) local result = string.gsub (text, "[A-Za-z-[%]-{%}%'<>?:;!@#$^&()=]", "") local equation = loadstring ("return " .. result) if (equation) then return equation () else return "No Results" end end
  14. [Help] Calculator

    IIYAMA no it's for public .. yes it's more than math i know that ... it can run codes and a lot of stuff .. it needs some changes in it to be good to use .. thank you