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  1. والله مشكله وكيف بعرفها هذي
  2. Hello, so i have a VPS with ogp installed in it. so .. that means that i can create more than 1 server and start them all. but my problem here is, i can create a game server more than 1, but when i try to start 2 game servers this problem shows: so i have to turn off the running server first to start the next one, at the end only one server can be started. i don't know why is this problem here, so help please.
  3. السلام عليكم انا معي الحين خادم ومركب عليه لوحة ogp واقدر اسوي اكثر من سيرفر عليه عادي لكن فيه مشكله انه فقط سيرفر واحد الي اقدر اشغله يعني لو احاول اشغل سيرفرين مع بعض ما يشتغل لازم اطفي الي شغال وبعدين يشتغل الثاني تظهر لي هذي الرساله اذا بشغل سيرفر ثاني: فيه حل لهذي المشكله ؟
  4. اهاه مشكور ع المعلومه ..
  5. وش الفرق يعني يبالمعالجات وكذا
  6. السلام عليكم مفكر اخذ لي vps وابي اعرف هل هذي الخطه مناسبه لسيرفر يتحمل اكثر من 100 لاعب بدون تعليق + مع موقع معه ؟ واحتمالية تيم سبيك: وهل هذي الخيارات مناسبه ؟ Debian 9 (Stretch) 64bit
  7. i just want to know if this plan is good to take it, and can handle a server and a website or not i did search on google i didn't find much. that's why i came here.
  8. Thank you, So i found that there is a plan with VPS SSD: can this plan be good for my server, with a website in the same VPS ? and also i want to know what's the difference in these and what is the best: Debian 9 (Stretch) Debian 8 (Wheezy) Debian 7 (Jessie) and is Debian a good choice ?
  9. Hello, i'm trying to buy a fast and suitable VPS that can handle more than 100 players, And keeping its speed the same. (i'm not really good at VPS plans and i don't know what works for MTA Servers). So i have this VPS Plan that i got from OVH and i don't know if it's good or not: is it good ? for what i want ?
  10. No i don't mean that, I mean if there was too many connections, Like every resource has its own database.
  11. Hello guys, if there was too many resources uses a private database (dbConnect), Would that going to cause a problem ?, Like losing connection on some other resources or something ?
  12. okey, is it possible to set the property of the weapon on the local player only ? not for all weapons with same model ? like for making custom weapon, if i used 2 Deagles with different textures how to make the first texture with private property ? and the second one also ?