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  1. if you plan to run your website on Apache, it doesn't take up much memory. but you might require quite some memory if you run poorly constructed Php or javascript (which most available CMS aren't). MTA Server doesn't take up much memory either. So, as per my estimation, a 2 GB system will be able to handle it pretty well provided you host only your website (which I suppose will be a forums type thing for your server) and the server itself. but if you are not on a budget and got money to spare a bit, go for a 4 GB mem system just to be on the safe side. 8 GB is a total overkill for this small, we generally use 8GB+ for things like model training, and stuffs like those. And SSD or HDD won't matter much for MTA server itself but the MySQL server which you will be running for that website will take a difference between HDD and SSD and NVMe SSD. So, Try to get a VPS with SSD Storage and 2 GB min memory (4 GB preferred). Just make sure that they have good bandwidth and good network speeds. Try to get the location in the European region ( My 1st Preference-> Netherlands, 2nd Preference-> Germany, 3rd Preference-> France). a KVM will be better since they provide full virtualization, but KVMs are priced more than OpenVZ. OpenVZ will also work well, but you must remember that the hardware in OpenVZ will be like "Share the CPU to all and limit users to their memory only" whereas, in KVM, it's more like a separate "hardware" inside the host hardware, like your own little virtual hardware, available only to you. As for OS, since you're new to VPS stuff, I would suggest you start with Ubuntu 16.04, if that's available. One more thing, explore hosts before you buy, read reviews, compare plans, ask experts for advice on hosts. And be careful from hosts that oversell. You can contact me on Discord if you need more help up: FlaMe#070
  2. Hey everyone, I'm Sayan Kundu, aka, FlaMe. I'm an 18-year-old coder who loves developing scripts and stuff, mostly backend (server side). I have been in the MTA scripting world for quite long now and these days, Discord is a very import aspect of a server. This is why I will bring this service in. This will even promote the number of players as they will have a lot of members to talk to (since you need not be in-game to talk to them). As for normal MTA scripting, yeah, I do that too, but I'm specialized in this MTA-Discord linking. What you can get from the MTA-Discord linking: Messages from discord show up in-game (can be locked to a particular role and a particular channel) Messages in-game show up in discord (can be locked to a particular channel) Ability to control functions like the ban, kick, slap players in-game (I can add other functions too upon request) Messages from in-game gang chat shown in a separate discord server and messages from one gang's personal discord server being shown on their gang chat in-game (Price needs to be discussed privately) Pricing: Just for MTA in-game to Discord messaging: €5 MTA in-game to Discord as well as Discord to MTA in-game chat: €10 MTA in-game to Discord as well as Discord to MTA in-game chat and also commands (ban, kick, slap only): €13 Anything else can also be requested, prices will vary according to request Other services I offer: MTA Scripting Designing (Logos, banners, etc) Payment methods accepted: G2A (most preferred) Steam items/games Skrill PayPal (least preferred) Other forms can be discussed How to contact me: Discord: FlaMe#0704 (most preferred) You may message me here but I look at my inbox here in like once a month Post a reply to this topic [I cannot reveal my past works here as all of them were for servers and I cannot disclose them, but if you wanna know, you can contact me on discord] In the past, I had worked behind making an entire server, starting from scratch and then I kind of retired from the MTA world but now, I'm coming back.
  3. I am script all but shaders(yeah, I have a weakness there XD). my discord: FlaMe#0704
  4. status Update: I have finally made it to work, but the controls are kinda f**ked up, what do i do? the camera is sticked to the player but the controls are like.. W for north, S for south, A for west and D for east, how do i fix it? Also i would like to allow the player to move
  5. if i make it with the timer, it works.. but not with the "onClientRender"
  6. The onGuiClick part: addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick",topview,function() setTimer(function() if guiCheckBoxGetSelected(topview)then local up = guiCreateButton(0.32, 0.05, 0.14, 0.03, "+", true, constructionsWindow) guiSetProperty(up, "NormalTextColour", "FFAAAAAA") local down = guiCreateButton(0.49, 0.05, 0.14, 0.03, "-", true, constructionsWindow) guiSetProperty(down, "NormalTextColour", "FFAAAAAA") isLookingUp = true lp=getLocalPlayer() --timer=setTimer(topviewer,51,0) addEventHandler("onClientRender",lp,topviewer) outputChatBox("DEBUG: callling...done") else isLookingUp = false --killTimer(timer) setCameraTarget(localPlayer) removeEventHandler("onClientRender",getLocalPlayer(),topviewer) end end,100,1) end,false) The functions: function topviewer() outputChatBox("DEBUG: Cam changed!") local x, y, z = getElementPosition ( localPlayer ) setCameraMatrix(x,y,z+25,x,y,z) end
  7. I have tried doing that but it does not work
  8. Hello all! i am making a script and i have made a checkbox named "topview". I want to make the camera look at the player from the top like in GTA2 when this checkbox is checked.. how can i do that? have tried with Timer.. its working but does not work with onClientRender.. btw i am using it in a Client Side script. I also want that when that checkbox is unchecked, the camera will return to the default using setCameraTarget().. i got the last part but cant make it attached to the top of the player and rotate it as the player rotates.. any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. till when will it be valid? and what is the internet speed of the servers?
  10. well guyiz, i have some scripts which i used to run in my local host server previously and they worked fine. but now as i have shifted to VPS, i get error: Failed to load Script .lua for resource resource failed to load my meta:
  11. well guyiz, i have some scripts which i used to run in my local host server previously and they worked fine. but now as i have shifted to VPS, i get error: Failed to load Script .lua for resource resource failed to load my meta:
  12. finally i decided to give up on this script..
  13. i have now started using onClientResourceStart instead of onResourceStart, but still, the thrusters of the hydras done turn..