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  1. - Website/Forums: https://www.forums.intensegaming.net - UCP: https://ucp.intensegaming.net - Support Center: http://ucp.intensegaming.net/support - Discord: https://discord.gg/xsVagDe Come join us!!: mtasa:// IntenseGaming is a gaming community, founded in July 2010 on Sa-Mp. We've been editing along the way as we grow in hopes of creating a unique and enjoyable experience for the MTA Role-Player. IntenseGaming has decided to take the scripts, keep changing, editing and adding new features and hopefully create a new experience. With devotion, dedication, and hope, the possibilities are endless. With the feedback from the whole community and a driven develop staff, IntenseGaming is growing and will one day become something new and unique. Now, what does IntenseGaming offer? First, we offer the ability to modify your vehicle to your personal preference. This includes anything from editing the handling of the vehicle to placing modifications on the car. However, our vehicle system isn't the only feature that we provide. We also offer a dynamic faction system that allows the complete customization of that faction. Also, what would a role-play server be like with a phone system. Now, we have completly redigned this phone and all icons to be more appealing and more personal to the user. Allowing multiple different models as well. Our server has not only tons of endless features, but also, interactive models that assist the players with everyday actions. Need your vehicle unimpounded, need to pass a toll gate, or need something from the store? Our NPCs are there to help! Server Rules are a big thing here at IntenseGaming. We take rulebreaking very seriously. If a player sees a rule breaker, we have a great reporting system in-game, as well as, on our UCP that allows us to discreetly handle certain situations. This isn't even all that we have to offer. Our server has so much to provide, I'm sure you'll find that it is the right place for you. For more information about our server or our community, feel free to visit us. We appreciate your time and hope to see you soon! Sincerely, BLongwei - IntenseGaming Upper Administration
  2. I mean either way he or she wants to do it is fine with me. The dev server is primarily used so I can view the work being done. That's the only purpose for it.
  3. My name is Blade. Former owner of Intense Gaming. After some time, I've decided I'd like to give MTA another shot. This time, I want to do it right though. With that being said, i am wanting to hire someone who is well experience is lua, as well as, php. I love my servers to run mysql so having experience in database is great. I am willing to pay for the work that is done. However. The scripter I hire, I'd like to keep as a full time scripter for my new community. Pay will be discussed upon acceptance of the position. I will supply a dev server where all work will be completed as well as any other overhead the scripter may need. The server must contain certain features implemented, as well as have a UCP/Forums link, and other item. This script must also be completed from scratch. Some implemented ideals are fine, but the majority must be custom. All credits will be reserved to the author. Please contact me for further information.
  4. The video doesnt work
  5. Ive been looking for a way to either create or find a way for my players to pick and choose which mods they want to download. Does anyone know where I can find this or can someone give me some pointers on how to create it? Thanks!
  6. Yes when I do /mdc and login to the mdc dialog, i keep getting the following error: Below is the exact line of code that it refers towards: guiGridListSetItemText( mainW.warrantTable, row, mainW.charCol, warrants[ i ][ 1 ]:gsub( "_", " " ), false, false ) Any help is appreciated. Also, I do not know if it helps or not, but the "close" button to exit the dialog is not showing as well.
  7. Hey everyone, I am trying to figure out a what to create a command that will delete all player vehicles in my server. However, I do NOT want to delete any faction vehicles. Only the vehicles that are owned by players. Would anyone have any ideals. If it helps, my server using SQL.
  8. Umm...we paid for the script, legitimately and legally, so why should we be punished for something we had no ideal about? I'm only asking for a little bit of help. Also, not trying to be rude, but if you do not want to help, thats fine, you don't have to, but please do not reply to my posts with comments that are not beneficial to the cause. Thanks.
  9. Okay, so, our script contains a feature that allows the LSPD or Highway Patrol to impound vehicles using NPCs. However, upon attempting to impound a vehicle, the NPC is stating: "This impound lot is full.....". After close review I was able to narrow the issue to the function FreeLanes. Could someone please take a look at the following code and tell me if they see something that could be preventing this from working properly. Please and thank you. CODE REMOVED BY Solidsnake14
  10. A friend of mine did it. He said it was not connecting to the database
  11. **Sorry if this is in the wrong topic, couldn't figure out where to put it** So, when registering on my UCP, the player is sent an email activation link to their email address containing a "tokenid" that will allow the system to activate their account. They cannot use the UCP nor play in the server until their account is activated. Well I have went through every single one of my files, yet, I am still running into the same issue. The issue is that after the user clicks the link obtained in their email, they are redirected back to my site, where it is suppose to activate their account. Instead, they get the following error message, "Opps, sorry. We couldn't activate your account '********'. It looked like the link is expired or invalid. Please click here to generate another activation email." I have check the .php that is suppose to handle the activation, even removed the entire previous line from the file. However, somehow, it is still generating this error. I have included a copy of my .php code below to analyze. Thanks for any help given.
  12. Okay, so I checked the acl.xml. I do not see something in there for a UCP. Below is what I see (this is not the entire ACL, but the only part including parts for the website):
  13. I am trying to run a RP server. The script uses a UCP and MYSQL. I've configured the mysql and UCP to work. However, when you register on the UCP, it is supposed to register you IN-game as well. Well, theres the problem. I registered, but can't login in-game. Thanks for your prompt response KariiiM
  14. Hey guys, I understand how noobish this is....however, I am in search of someone who can help me figure a few issues out with a script I am trying to run. I do not know much about the lua language. Therefor, I need like a "tutor" that can help me with the issues. Help will be rewarded. Please PM me if you are willing to help. Thanks in advance.
  15. Im sorry Im not understanding. What do you mean?
  16. Hello, I'm trying to start a RP server here on MTA. The server will require mysql. However, my host is on linux. When I go to start the server, I am connecting fine, expect I only get a black screen and the errors that are shown below. I can not seem to either get the files correct or get the server to run properly. Any help is greatly appreciated. Errors taken from the server.log: If someone could explain what I need to do and possibly link me to the correct mysql files for linux, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks a lot.
  17. **Update**: So we were able to get the zombies to spawn. However, they only spawn when a new player connects and spawns only near the new player. Sorry, Im trying to understand this.
  18. I am new to Lua coding, however, below is the code that create the zombies. I hope this helps narrow the problem down. Thanks in advance. function createZomieForPlayer(x, y, z) x, y, z = getElementPosition(source) counter = 0 if getElementData(source, "lastzombiespawnposition") then local xL, yL, zL = getElementData(source, "lastzombiespawnposition")[3] or getElementData(source, "lastzombiespawnposition")[1] or false, getElementData(source, "lastzombiespawnposition")[2] or false, false if xL and getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(x, y, z, xL, yL, zL) < 50 then return end end if getElementData(source, "spawnedzombies") + 3 <= gameplayVariables.playerzombies then for i = 1, gameplayVariables.amountzombies do counter = counter + 1 local number1 = math.random(-50, 50) local number2 = math.random(-50, 50) if number1 < 18 and number1 > -18 then number1 = 20 end if number2 < 18 and number2 > -18 then number2 = -20 end randomZskin = math.random(1, table.getn(ZombiePedSkins)) zombie = call(getResourceFromName("slothbot"), "spawnBot", x + number1, y + number2, z, math.random(0, 360), ZombiePedSkins[randomZskin], 0, 0, getTeamFromName("Zombies")) setElementData(zombie, "zombie", true) setElementData(zombie, "blood", gameplayVariables.zombieblood) setElementData(zombie, "owner", source) call(getResourceFromName("slothbot"), "setBotGuard", zombie, x + number1, y + number2, z, false) end setElementData(source, "lastzombiespawnposition", { x, y, z }) setElementData(source, "spawnedzombies", getElementData(source, "spawnedzombies") + 3) end end addEvent("createZomieForPlayer", true) addEventHandler("createZomieForPlayer", getRootElement(), createZomieForPlayer)
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