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  1. The mission is called "Boomshine Saigon". Whats going to happen in this vid then?
  2. @ndy

    voice chat

    Teamspeak 2 is a nice program to use you can select how much bandwidth you use up per minute it has an auto reconnect function (which could be used in mta aswell) and the voices are very clear download the latest version now at http://www.teamspeak.org/ the official mta server could have a teamspeak server so people could connect and talk in teams
  3. @ndy

    voice chat

    btw, they r hamsters Now, back 2 the topic
  4. @ndy

    The Hunted

    i was in a server last night with some people like death, me, watech etc, and we tryed out the hunted. whenever a new person joined the server it informed them of who is the hunted, thats a nice feature there are so many blips on the radar, so you can't tell who is actually the hunted, so no need to disable radar these are just more ideas to add to the pile
  5. @ndy

    The Hunted

    this is my idea for a new game mode: 1. one person gets selected as the hunted, who everyone is after 2. when someone kills him/her they become the hunted 3. this continues throughout the game i think the person who is the "hunted" should get better weapons than the "hunters" so would encourage people to want 2 kill the hunted i don't know if this would work, but what do you think?
  6. @ndy


    i think thats what he meant, but this option should be up 2 the admin only, otherwise people could cheat in a "no radar" competition
  7. i voted no because, some of the 'evil' admins would find a way to put viruses into the mods then all the people on the server would be fucked up. if this feature was used, i suggest that we only used it on the official wojjie servers.
  8. looks good, where are you gonna put it? and is there gonna be an inside to it?
  9. some kind of law that prevents you from changing some stuff in MTA, i think
  10. hmm keep spam to the right forum B.LA.S.T is probably the best as for that screenshot, i notice that all the blips were at that same place, were u all having a war there? + that was in the =VCS= clan server right? how did you get the password for it? i was trying to get in sinse the rest of VCPD were in but i couldn't get it soz for being off topic but it was annoyin me sinse it seemed a really good fight
  11. if you use mops mods, dusn't it make the CRC check fail? or do you bypass it?
  12. what's to say that there is going to be the Mexican in 0.3? it could be a whole new set of characters with balanced guns next time
  13. @ndy


    thats probably one of the better ideas ive heard in this forum, it would make people think twice of getting in a car, what garages would you use for the getting the bomb? and would you get the kill or would it say they killed themself? apart frm that, thumbs up
  14. bill did u ban death frm the forums or did he jus die?
  15. @ndy

    My 2 cents.

    evry1 wos a newbie sumtime, atleast ur usin the forum, i neva used 2 use it. now, back 2 the topic
  16. it causes more crashes + sum ppl may use this oppotunity 2 use mods by bypassin it, hu made a client whcih bypasses the crc check anyway?
  17. @ndy


    id b scared 2 stop movin if the place wos crawlin with snipers. u stopped u get popped in the head if u include the sniper put it in a really obscure place like the flamethrower wos hard 2 find
  18. @ndy

    My 2 cents.

    this is the millionth time thats bin suggested + the answer is no its 2 hard and also ur off topic, plz read the rules b4 u set foot in the forum
  19. Ponch, it's my birthday on the 29th! woohoo! my parents let me play 18 games but not 18 films english parents aren't as strict as american parents either so vice is alrite 4 me
  20. how would that work? not questionin ur idea, its a gr8 idea
  21. how many members r in $$? so did it keep sayin $Mr.Vercetti$ has joined the game $Mr.Vercetti$ has left the game $Mr.Vercetti$ has joined the game $Mr.Vercetti$ has left the game causin them 2 time out or sumfin? by now evry knows who they r so they shud ban them frm their server
  22. # elemnt wos in a server wit me yesterday + he used the spas non stop, he can't go round sayin its an illegal gun then usin it himself. as 4 me i use the spas, i know its really easy 2 kill ppl with but i use it on annoyin ppl in servers who need 2 b the centre on attention
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