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  1. Amazing concept! Would you be releasing this?
  2. Limit usage of createTimer, use getTickCount instead. Always localize variables i.e local x = 1 when required Always check arguments are met/set and use return when necessary to as to ensure a long function isn't carried out only to give an error in the end.
  3. Would you guys like an addition to your dev team?
  4. Timers create a timer object which horde, albeit a minute amount, resources. Tick counts on the other hand just check the time since your computer has been running, comparisons can give you differences in time, just like a timer.
  5. local spawnDelayTime = 120000 -- delay time in ms local spawnTimers = { } function carSpawn () if spawnTimer[source] then local timePassed = tonumber(getTickCount() - spawnTimer[source]) if timePassed < spawnDelayTime then local timeleft = math.ceil(timePassed/1000 ) -- Get seconds left from timer local secondString = " second" if timeleft > 1 then secondString = " seconds" outputChatBox("You may spawn your vehicle again in "..tostring(timeleft)..secondString) return false end end if not (isGuestAccount (getPlayerAccount (source))) and not (isPedInVehicle(source)) then spawnTimer[source] = getTickCount() end This is more resource-efficient as it doesn't create timers for every player on your server. Unfortunately, I haven't tested it but it should work, in theory.
  6. I had a similar idea but with tank models. Basically getting normal vehicles to work like tanks with moving wheels and turrets and all, quite similar to this I must say. I could share the code with you if you like? Quite buggy tho
  7. I would kill to just know how you did this. Truly awesome work you have here mate.
  8. i made an 'extra seats' resource when I used to script here, basiically making any vehicle have an infinite amount of seats. Try attaching players to the vehicle, making them invisible and setting their camera to focus on the driver to simulate the effect.
  9. That's actually quite decent, would you ever release this?
  10. How did you manage to add new hairstyles if the base model is a CJ skin and you're using textures?
  11. This is awesome, how does it fare with bots tho? Would be cool if you could make the NPCs go to locations whilst finding paths towards them.
  12. onPickupHit* should cancel the use of the pickup.
  13. Hello, I'd like to know if it's possible for players to download files from the internet straight to their computers from the mta CEGUI browser created with guiCreateBrowser