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  1. upload maps "site to ftp"

    fetchRemote() callRemote()
  2. [HELP] bindKey

    bindKey(source,"f", "down", detach)
  3. [HELP] bindKey

    function detach() local attachedelem = getAttachedElements ( source ) for i,v in ipairs ( attachedelem ) do detachElementFromElement(v, source) end end bindKey("f", "down", detach)
  4. ColCircle and showCol. Question

    only change the positions and the size of the line.
  5. help with a hidden marker

    +1 @SuperCroz , using colshapes easier. check this topic you will find a resource to make col shapes and you will find all the instructions you need.
  6. [HELP]block vehicle.txd

    you can edit it from <allow_gta3_img_mods>none</allow_gta3_img_mods> in ur mtaserver.conf file. [only if u wanna prevent players who are using mods to join.] or if u wanna restore it then use engineRestoreModel(id) like what @SuperCroz said.
  7. ColCircle and showCol. Question

    try this: and don't forget to change positions. function line3d() dxDrawLine3D(-1196.956, -1065.557, 128.218, -1196.686, -909.289, 128.200, tocolor(255, 255, 0, 255 ), 3) end addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, line3d)
  8. Wasted script

  9. [HELP] Save

    Only Giving more info @LopSided_
  10. [HELP] Save

    this is a simple code to save : local redfirst,greenfirst,bluefirst,redsecond,greensecond,bluesecond,redthird,greenthird,bluethird,redfourth,greenfourth,bluefourth = getVehicleColor(veh, true) local color = toJSON({redfirst,greenfirst,bluefirst, redsecond,greensecond,bluesecond, redthird,greenthird,bluethird, redfourth,greenfourth,bluefourth}) and this is a code to load the color: local redfirst,greenfirst,bluefirst,redsecond,greensecond,bluesecond,redthird,greenthird,bluethird,redfourth,greenfourth,bluefourth = unpack(fromJSON(color)) setVehicleColor(veh, redfirst,greenfirst,bluefirst,redsecond,greensecond,bluesecond,redthird,greenthird,bluethird,redfourth,greenfourth,bluefourth)
  11. [HELP] Save

    I don't understand you but you can use [ setAccountData ]
  12. Help with some coding

    Use DB Browser for SQLite program and edit the database with it then reupload it to your ftp.
  13. Weapon Saving Problem

    Thanks @TheMOG and Everyone tried to help me. i used SQL saving better .
  14. Weapon Saving Problem

    When i reconnected while dead i lost my weapons .
  15. Weapon Saving Problem

    @DNL291 Didn't Work.