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  1. OMG I haven't laugh this much in a long time haha
  2. well it's 7 pm here which means it's 9 there and im trying to join the server but it's not up so ill try later.
  3. this demo derby going to happen again? i wanna do this!!!
  4. what song is that in the video?
  5. cheating...only reason i can think of.
  6. hurleyboy


    what can i say? were an addicting growing clan
  7. love the video thargore...still have it on my pc and i watch it alot when im bored...makes me wanna make a video with someone *hint* thargore *hint*
  8. wow dude you must of posted right when i did hah...but thanks for telling me
  9. well im glad you like them and im sorry for the one of them to be a little bigger than usual but like i said before my friend made it for me a while back so i wouldn't how to make it smaller but i hope i don't have to change it cause i really like both of my animated gifs. Now back on topic...does anyone know that song?
  10. what was the name of the song that was made in the video? haha
  11. why thank you...it is fun to watch isn't it
  12. Last time i checked they did...personal i think this whole stunt was luck more than skill
  13. Alright mister cocky...lets see you pull it off and make a vid of it and then ill believe you when you say it's easy.
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