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  1. Hello, i found this script laying in my hard drive that i made back in 2017. Use L-Shift to rewind position. L+R Shift to speed up rewind. Have fun. https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=16062
  2. Where's line 63 ?!? and line 42: setElementData ( thePlayer, "tempdata.ChkWeath", Wacc )
  3. here's the nitro shader script: https://github.com/JarnoVgr/Mr.Green-MTA-Resources/blob/master/resources/[gameplay]/-shaders-nitro/client.lua it doesn't have targetElement argument in engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture
  4. I took a look at it, it uses same nitro color for every vehicle. I have an idea to use `createEffect` with shaders, i wonder if that will work, will probably try later.
  5. The thing is there's servers that use custom under-vehicle neon, and custom nitro colors which is unique for each player, it just confuses me.
  6. createvehicle is the command, not greet. greet, in that case, is the command name. which is (greet = "createvehicle")
  7. You need to bind an event to joinHandler function addEventHandler ( "onPlayerJoin", root, joinHandler)
  8. "smoke" and "shad_car" also can't be tied to one vehicle as i've tried and failed. But what's the point of `targetElement` then ?! engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture ( shader, textureName [, element targetElement) did you find an alternative?
  9. Thanks a lot, i wonder if i should use both mods together?
  10. Im trying to use ultra thing mod, but it doesn't work anymore, i think it worked before, but now it only works with normal GTA SA.exe i have the mod files in the GTA directory, and mta warns me about d3d9.dll file, but i press continue and no mod works... what could be the problem?
  11. OnPlayerJoin, SpawnPlayer, CreateVehicle, WarpPedIntoVehicle use these resources
  12. addEventHandler("onPlayerDamage",root, function(attacker, weapon) if getTeamName(getPlayerTeam(attacker)) ~= 'Civillian' then return end if weapon == 6 then setElementHealth(source, getElementHealth(source) - 50 ) end end)
  13. this is easy to do if you're good in HTML and CSS3 and createBrowser
  14. The metatable was causing the issue, removed it and now it works and one script.
  15. Hi i would like it to be on the same resource, so when im testing, i /restart only 1 resource, i tried to insert the modified functions into 'env' like env.addEventHandler = ... env.outputChatbox = ... everytime the environment is created. but that doesn't work
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