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  1. is n e one else getting more unhandled exception errors using 0.2.2 then 0.2?? i never got one using 0.2....and now i get them in EVERY server i just thought i see if n e one else is getting the same problem.....
  2. whats ur system specs? router? firewall?
  3. if u have a router set up then thats ur problem...u have to go to ur routers website and find out how to enable DMZ for ur router...i have a SMC router so i had to go to http://www.smc.com and follow instrutions and i had to enable my firewall before i could enable DMZ.......what is DMZ u ask...it allows two-way comunication threw ur router so u can play on MTA.....its that easy....i had this problem b4 and someone told me to this and i did and now it works perfectly fine....(i.e no disconnection.) I fu still want some help PM me or e-mail.... FoDoR
  4. u have to enable DMZ and then u shouldn't have the problem EVER again.....this happened to me too, once i enabled DMZ on my router i could MTA VC no problem
  5. what i did was put in my software CD for my router and ran an advanced setup and put on my firewall and turned on DMZ...its quite simple....if u have the software.....or u could go to ur routers home wedsite....either or...they both would help tho...once u do that let me kno how ur doin....
  6. thanx again...and let me just say for tha 100th time in tha last 2 minutes...MTA KICKZ!!
  7. Thanx guys i got my router on DMZ now...it took awhile cuz i had to find my software CD but i found it....thanx everyone especially Kent747
  8. i have a SMC cable/DSL router.....how do i change it to DMZ??
  9. how do i set my IP as DMZ??? anyone??? PLEASE!!!
  10. ya i'm on a router....how do i set my ip...???
  11. no i'm on my own cable modem....
  12. When i try to connet to ANY server (even low ping servers) this always happens to me....Connecting... Disconnected: Connection timed out. (Delay = 10 sec) Connecting... Disconnected: Connection timed out. (Delay = 10 sec) does anyone know why this is???!?!?!? thanx....
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