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  1. If anyone has finished this script, or is interested in taking it over, please let me know.
  2. Joined the MTA crew in GTAV, hope to see some of you guys in there
  3. THIS SCRIPT IS NOT FINISHED, DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT UNLESS YOU KNOW HOW RESOURCES WORK This gamemode was to be my masterpiece, and yet I am releasing it incomplete in the hopes someone talented might take over and complete it. I will only be available in a limited capacity for support. DOWNLOAD: http://www.solidfiles.com/d/f53adc357d/ -Players can choose up to 4 powers at a time, and a theme. -spawn on a travelling flying helicarrier -fight muggers, gangs, and suicide bombers -do missions to fight crime -random events occur, such as a ninja attack, dinosaurs, or A GIANT ROBOT ATTACKS THE CI
  4. If you do create a new york gang, please make sure you all have a theme, like in The Warriors.
  5. a "lod" model is the low polygon model of the carrier visible from a long distance, but dissapears up close.
  6. The Lod model id of the aircraft carrier docked in the SF army base eludes me, and I'm looking for it's object id. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Slothman

    RPG vs Roleplay

    I always prefer ketchup to catsup.
  8. Let's see who can script the best auto-turret!
  9. might not be a popular request, but a built in compiler might be nice.
  10. Slothman

    Need Help

    I think he/she is asking about the " /me" command for chat. as in "/me is the greatest" would output "Slothman is the greatest"
  11. in the gamemode, you hold the gadget button to use the shield, as long as you have selected shield as your gadget
  12. there are a lot of clever ways scripters could use to give themselves an unfair advantage or unauthorized access. The best rule of thumb is not to run scripts from people you don't trust, especially if the script is compiled. This topic is being locked to prevent anyone from posting suggestions on how to create these sort of backdoor scripts.
  13. no it is not, since peds cant enter or exit vehicles last I checked.
  14. Just added a new feature that will randomly spawn a gang of ninjas, dinosaurs, or a GIANT FREAKING RAMPAGING ROBOT! Come join in the fun!
  15. that's how the consoles do it with 2 player. either way is possible. I guess the only big challenge would be only having 1 mouse.
  16. Slothman

    The sun

    yes, as far as I have seen, there are no seasons in GTASA, so the sun will always be in a certain position relative to the player depending on the game time.
  17. the proper zombies script is here: http://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... ils&id=347
  18. very promising stuff. could almost make it a game for 2 players to play on 1 pc at the same time.
  19. I'm not sure exactly what you would want the script to do.
  20. Slothman

    Strange View

    Ive had a similar problem a long time ago with gta3. turned out it was a corrupt gta install. Yours could be a graphic driver roblem as well.
  21. dunno why it was down, back now.
  22. name a better climbing animation, and i'll take a look
  23. Those would be custom objects, designed, created, and skinned by 50p.
  24. yeah, the sideawys and downwards anims are good, but i couldnt find a decent climbing up animation
  25. I just wanted to show off some of the scripts that are built into a gamemode that is now available to play. These scripts aren't released, but if you want to try them out along with some other fun super powers, Here is the topic for the server.
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