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  1. So. My comments on several tickets for bug report on Mantis were promptly deleted by an Mantis moderator ''sbx320'' but they were all relevant (most of the few) it seems this guy has some sort of grudge against me. When i posted about what he was doing, i replied this: sbx320, what are you doing? You have removed multiple of my comments (and not just me) in several tickets in short time Not irrelevant! Abuse of developer rights? Why are u so intolerant ? Ye and sure, also remove this comment But hope that before u do, admin of Mantis sees this stuff! Do you have something against me or any reason to row-delete my comments. Sbx320 the comment delete machine.. he personally doesn't like your input, boom gone! And as i already expected: this was also removed in less than 1 minute! So he deletes comments because he doesn't like them or doesnt like the poster person, and provides no way to ask why he mass deletes, and also wipes out criticism on his practise here. So the only way i know sbx 320 is not by name, but as a memory from ''comment deleted'' if i hear sbx320 i associate it with deleted comments. So i wanna find out why is he doing this treatment. If administration leader of Mantis can look at the history of this comments and see what he deletes, (not only mine btw.) and if he does some of them for fun, or cuz they are really irrelevant or unrelating to main issue. If the first turns out (he'd be abusing mod rights there) take action against him ? And for sbx: i ask you to please refrain from deleting this topic also and letting someone unbiased do that, if he feels needed AT ALL but this means theres no way to voice my opinion on this! it all happened on like these: (was relevant cuz the feature is wanted/needed and poses problems if its not there and also ment as bumping for importance ((the comment i put)) (comment was check if still existing problem cuz its left without feedback for times) and for the grudge i tell, he deleted many more of my comments in past (specificly mine) please look into it!