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  1. I don't have this issue. I'm running it in full screen with borderless window.
  2. If you re-scan the files on VirusTotal, it'll show 0/64, which is nice. It think it should be solved after you update your anti-virus.
  3. Do the same what Dutchman suggested. Whitelist the stuff.
  4. Yea, I already whitelisted most DLL's, gon b good. Thanks and good luck with trying to fix it
  5. http://upload.mtasa.com/u/509705609/xmll.zip_ I uploaded it to virustotal, and multiple AV's went full retard: https://virustotal.com/#/file/7579b35adc1f79395a8f68289a07a81cc0ac21c3ab33340c0c349b30d71d7ba5/detection I re-downloaded MTA:SA and I have a clean system. I ran a full scan with Bitdefender, MBAM and HitmanPro. No malware.
  6. Since I can't edit it anymore: As soon as I start Bitdefender, it goes full retard. I gotta exclude a few DLL's and now it's running jolly.
  7. Hi! I wanted to start MTA:SA, it wanted to upgrade some stuff, I got an error and Bitdefender blocked the updater cus it contained malware. I never had this issue with Bitdefender. Why does it do that? Virustotal report of one of the files it deleted: https://virustotal.com/#/file/5a41a74c00ed775234ee8a9995e35d3c52df46d81199d58a760f5acc3282da41/detection EDIT: So, I excluded MTA:SA's folder and temporarily disable Bitdefender to let the update do it's thing, and now I'm getting this error: EDIT2: Ok, re-installed MTA with Bitd
  8. Okay thanks. I'll try it when I'm home.
  9. Is there any update on this issue?
  10. Are you from Egypt? Try a VPN in that case.
  11. I've made an Imgur album with pictures: https://imgur.com/a/Acl9O
  12. In what country do you live? Morocco recently blocked online gaming and Egypt has a similar issue. Are you able to connect using a VPN?
  13. Somehow changing to windowed mode and back might solve the issue. A friend of mine was able to see the server list and join, but I am only able to see the server list. I still got issues with joining.
  14. I'm experiencing the same problem on my old old laptop, but not on my normal/modern laptop. - I'm unable to connect to any servers, except local servers. - The serverlist is unable to load. - My internet is just fine (the Netherlands, cable ISP, 150/15 Mbps). - Even with VPN, it doesn't work. - I get disconnected right after the download finished. I've ran MTADiag; https://pastebin.com/vfWhkG6G
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