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  1. I don't have this issue. I'm running it in full screen with borderless window.
  2. If you re-scan the files on VirusTotal, it'll show 0/64, which is nice. It think it should be solved after you update your anti-virus.
  3. Do the same what Dutchman suggested. Whitelist the stuff.
  4. Yea, I already whitelisted most DLL's, gon b good. Thanks and good luck with trying to fix it
  5. http://upload.mtasa.com/u/509705609/xmll.zip_ I uploaded it to virustotal, and multiple AV's went full retard: https://virustotal.com/#/file/7579b35adc1f79395a8f68289a07a81cc0ac21c3ab33340c0c349b30d71d7ba5/detection I re-downloaded MTA:SA and I have a clean system. I ran a full scan with Bitdefender, MBAM and HitmanPro. No malware.
  6. Since I can't edit it anymore: As soon as I start Bitdefender, it goes full retard. I gotta exclude a few DLL's and now it's running jolly.
  7. Hi! I wanted to start MTA:SA, it wanted to upgrade some stuff, I got an error and Bitdefender blocked the updater cus it contained malware. I never had this issue with Bitdefender. Why does it do that? Virustotal report of one of the files it deleted: https://virustotal.com/#/file/5a41a74c00ed775234ee8a9995e35d3c52df46d81199d58a760f5acc3282da41/detection EDIT: So, I excluded MTA:SA's folder and temporarily disable Bitdefender to let the update do it's thing, and now I'm getting this error: EDIT2: Ok, re-installed MTA with Bitdefender disabled. I'm gonna enable it and play some MTA to see what happens.
  8. Okay thanks. I'll try it when I'm home.
  9. Is there any update on this issue?
  10. Pilovali

    Problem CD16

    Are you from Egypt? Try a VPN in that case.
  11. I've made an Imgur album with pictures: https://imgur.com/a/Acl9O
  12. In what country do you live? Morocco recently blocked online gaming and Egypt has a similar issue. Are you able to connect using a VPN?
  13. Somehow changing to windowed mode and back might solve the issue. A friend of mine was able to see the server list and join, but I am only able to see the server list. I still got issues with joining.
  14. I'm experiencing the same problem on my old old laptop, but not on my normal/modern laptop. - I'm unable to connect to any servers, except local servers. - The serverlist is unable to load. - My internet is just fine (the Netherlands, cable ISP, 150/15 Mbps). - Even with VPN, it doesn't work. - I get disconnected right after the download finished. I've ran MTADiag; https://pastebin.com/vfWhkG6G
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