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  1. Dear MTA players, We would like to invite you to the upcoming edition of Race National Cup, which will be held at the end of January. Many of you here might already be participants of previous NCs, so you know how much fun it brings and how special this event is to the racing community. All required info about the maps, matches and point system is to be seen on our discord channel: https://discord.gg/hggXK7A2 The most important information regarding registration of a team and gameplay mechanics: - Team Captains can register/edit their teams till 17 January 2021 - Minimum 5 players
  2. Updating the topic with the newest release: As you can see, the topic of the video slightly changed from what was planned back when we released 2nd part. All these general tips & tricks are sure to come in the nearest future, tho
  3. There it is Gam3r Since I can't update the first post, I will insert the link here. PART 3 of MTA Racing Tutorials, covering how to avoid slowroads, lines, cuts and much more. Enjoy
  4. Hello fellas. This topic will be updated - might not be regularly, but what's planned below will be out in some days/months/years. As for now I upload two parts of MTA Racing Tutorials, which I think might be useful for your cruises through SA. PART 1 - HOW TO SET UP YOUR OWN SERVER FOR TRAINING PURPOSES PART 2 - 45 CUTS FOR SAN ANDREAS RACING PART 3 (TBA) - USEFUL WAYS: LINES, BUGROADS AND MORE PART 4 (TBA) - OVERVIEW OF TIPS&TRICKS PART 5 (TBA) - HYDRA RACING & STUNTING GUIDE PART 6 (TBA) - PAD VERSUS KEYBOARD -
  5. FALTy

    Binding custom settings

    I dont think its the solution i've been searching for.Is there any way to put coreconfig.xml file (two copies) to various server-side folders in mta resources?
  6. Hello guys,I need your help as for today. My question is,is there any way to bind my custom settings (I mean,all the controls and theirs binds) to a key? I will describe the problem I have to face these days so you can understand it more clearly. Well,I'm a DM player,but ever since i started playing race i found it way better to control my car with arrows.So far I've been using WSAD.The problem is - i often visit multi gamemode servers,so i have to change my controls each time i move from race to dm or conversely. Is there any way to make a bind key including default settings and my custom
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