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  1. I don't think so... . I called the guys from host and they told me my server can eat how much memory it need ( talking about HDD memory). Ram used: 0.4% CPU used: 11.9%.
  2. Alright, thanks a lot. If it will crash again i will come with a reply. Thanks again!
  3. Alright done that. Server now started. What now ? Question: i will have to let that setting like that ? i mean that won't affect the rest of the files ?
  4. Nothing happen. I'm not sure if i used the commands right.
  5. Hi. I downloaded and updated my server with the given version. ####### SERVICE RESTART AT 2017-06-08 11:40 BY CLIENT ####### bash: ./mta-server: Permission denied Now what i have to do? One more thing: i didn't have a x86 folder. That means my server is a 32 bit server or the guys from host fked up and installed a 32 bit server by default? I'm confused because they said server runs on 64 bits. BTW: I already used the following command: chmod +x ./mta-server Same problem. Thanks in advance for helping.
  6. I enter here /serviceXXXX/mods/deathmatch/dumps dumps folder is empty.
  7. Hello. I have a MTA DayZ server and after a while server shut down automatically and then restart. [2017-06-07 02:00:04] JOIN: MessyWharf6 joined the game (IP: [2017-06-07 02:01:37] QUIT: MessyWharf6 left the game [Quit] [2017-06-07 02:03:37] [Backup]: Players saved [0] [2017-06-07 02:18:37] [Backup]: Players saved [0] [2017-06-07 02:33:37] [Backup]: Players saved [0] [2017-06-07 02:48:37] [Backup]: Players saved [0] ================================================================== = Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas v1.5 =================================================
  8. I just found the problem , that image was missing .
  9. Found problem: local headline = {} rightclickWindow = guiCreateStaticImage(0,0,0.05,0.0215,"images/scrollmenu_1.png",true) headline["rightclickmenu"] = guiCreateLabel(0,0,1,1,"",true,rightclickWindow) guiLabelSetHorizontalAlign (headline["rightclickmenu"],"center") guiLabelSetVerticalAlign (headline["rightclickmenu"],"center") guiSetFont (headline["rightclickmenu"], "default-bold-small" ) guiSetVisible(rightclickWindow,false) function showRightClickInventoryMenu (itemName,itemInfo) if itemInfo then local screenx, screeny, worldx, worldy, worldz = getCursorPosition(
  10. They have the same problem with grids. EDIT : i looked for that functions ... nothing.
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