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  1. nu joa, dq. Tai maždaug turėtų būt taip?: antirecoil.lua function antiRecoil( ) weaponList = { "colt 45", "silenced", "deagle", "shotgun", "sawed-off", "combat shotgun", "uzi", "mp5", "ak-47", "m4", "tec-9", "rifle", "sniper", "minigun" } for _,weapon in ipairs( weaponList ) do setWeaponProperty(weapon, "poor", "accuracy", 9999) setWeaponProperty(weapon, "std", "accuracy", 9999) setWeaponProperty(weapon, "pro", "accuracy", 9999) end end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, antiRecoil) meta.xml meta> "Manve" name="AntiRecoil" version="0.01" type="script" description="Recoil" />
  2. Zdarova, lietuviai! Taigi, šiuo atveju turiu aš savo tactics serverį, TIK yra problemų. Kaip recoil'us sumažint ginklų? žinau, kad kažkas tokio: setWeaponProperty Būčiau dėkingas jei padėtumėte ANYWAYS, preview, jeigu nesupratot:
  3. Yea, I was reading it. I don't even know HOW TO script the whole thing I mean like from the script start to the script end
  4. Script.lua function setWeaponProperty Meta.xml "GTX" name="Recoil" version="0.01" type="script" description="Shooting straight to the point where aiming" /> What next? I'm new af :3
  5. Recoil ( Gun shooting straight to the aiming place, not around it ) Example: Please help!!
  6. I do not understand you. Maybe can you say me the full script?
  7. I got an error, what to do?
  8. Did I done it right?: Sprint.lua function resourceStart () setGlitchEnabled ( "fastsprint", true ) end addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement ( ), resourceStart ) meta.xml "LoL987" name="CJ Faster Run" version="0.01" type="script" description="Faster Run while tapping space quickly" />
  9. wow. fuck me. lol. I'm in the veeery green side of that thing. I'mma go play minecraft, not try to .lua LMAO
  10. So ye, about that. I have to create some new files (meta.xml) or something like that? I'm new
  11. So hey guys, you MAY know, but there's some scripts that I can't find, they are: Recoil ( Gun shooting straight to the aiming place, not around it ) Example: Faster CJ Run ( When you tap SPACE quickly, you will sprint faster ) Example: and 30 bullets in magazine ( I want to have 30 bullets in the magazine of my gun, not 50 ) Example: