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  1. Hey Guys, so I mentioned this in my previous Kota post but I figured i'd make a new post giving more details on all this. Since i've either mapped for or lead the mapping team on several now-shut-down English RP servers, I have a ton of maps i'm looking to sell to help with some bills and other things. I'm leaving MTA development for good so i'm hoping someone else can get some use out of these now. Every map listed here is my property and was made by me, with the few exceptions of friends coming on to help here and there. I'm selling packages for each city, or if you'd only like to buy a
  2. Hey guys. So the time has finally come where I move on from server involvement and creation on MTA after 6 or so years. My primary strength and enjoyment with MTA has always been mapping, so with that being said i'm going to be selling my Kota Islands map. I really didn't want to sell it for the longest time, but the adult life and bills are demanding. Plus, if i'm never going to use it again publicly, it'd be nice to see what someone else could do with it. The map will be sold in full with all script dependencies, textures and models to make it work. This will NOT be sold with any RP gam
  3. but the majority seems to be brazillian servers. its hard finding anything full english. also hi, 2014 player here
  4. sorry for the bump but its only a good idea in theory. technically speaking it'd be a huge project and a nightmare (to try all at once anyway). there are limitations in games like this because either the developers havent found a way to make it more powerful yet, or its not possible yet. i'm sure as long as MTA stays active, it will keep evolving and getting much more advanced.
  5. this is more of a scripting question, i would try posting a support topic in the scripting section. it IS possible, but i couldn't walk you through it
  6. this sounds like more of a scripting problem, you'll need to check that. as for SAMP maps, be cautious. since they use custom models, it may not be reading all of the objects
  7. So some time ago, G&T released their G&T custom world map, which consisted of two small islands made with a mix of custom models and GTA objects. Being friends with Tails from G&T, he gave me permission to redesign and use his map for a roleplay server (that is now closed, unfortunately). We completely overturned the map and models, redoing nearly everything there was to do. This map took over a year to make and is my pride and joy of mapping. Model changes from the original G&T map: Map changes from the original G&T map: More changes were made
  8. i know this thread is old but i found it by searching online, so maybe this will help others that search online. These objects are indeed mappable objects, but theyre what i like to call irrelevant objects. ones that have no collision, are very hard to work with, and cant really be used with anything; just all- around useless objects. As tails said (hi @Tails ) try searching for "wire" or "billboard" and "board" for those objects. but if you would like to remove them, you can do one of two things. The harder of the two would be to edit your .map file to make the problem object into
  9. Actually just figured it out. for anyone else wondering, the grass was a shader attached to the world object. so by deleting the world object and creating a mapped one of the same ID it removed the grass
  10. (bumped since i pushed it down replaying to several other topics at once)
  11. go to your mta folder/server/mods/deathmatch/resources and find the map you saved. take that whole folder (should be 4 files) and move it to the same filepath but on your server, not your computer
  12. probably late by now but searching "bball" will bring up a large flat concrete piece. object 8661 is the same object but smaller. object 12814 is the same thing but dirt
  13. 5150

    i need help

    this would be more of a scripting question. you could script something to remove most of the map, then delete the bridges and fill the holes with another land object
  14. some SAMP objects arent compatible in MTA, it may be you tried to convert a samp-only object
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