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  1. 5150

    vehicle nodes

    oh jesus, that looks like the most amount of work lol, thanks man
  2. 5150

    vehicle nodes

    anyone know how vehicle nodes work? cant seem to find tutorials anywhere and im not sure of any other efficient way to create streets and street names etc. an example of what im talking about is placed below
  3. As i stated, i'm not looking for some grand advertisement post so if you would like to know more about the server, you may join the discord and ask us whatever you'd like, thanks.
  4. So im gunna be honest, i'm not into writing a book for the forums like most of the other RP servers do, so i'm just going to paste our discord advertisement: Kota Islands Roleplay I'm working on an English roleplay server using a completely custom map (deleted the original GTA SA map). The map features: + custom models personally made by our team + a large diversity of land for whatever your RP entitles + an island-based environment and much more.... We've been working for some time now and making sure we don't miss any details in the script, map, or any other area of development that may interrupt your gameplay. We aim to bring back the original members of RP; the ones from the golden era of Owlgaming, Valhalla gaming and other servers. we promise a non-corrupt, non-biased staff team that is there to help as much as we can, as well as a suitable environment for serious RP. unlike most starting RP servers, we aren't going to tolerate trolls or other people that may interrupt the immersion of another player. While we will allow many things to be done that cant be done on say Owl or other RP servers, we will also have a firm rule list that will be strictly enforced. We hope to see you join our all-English community. Discord: https://discord.gg/FYxd4jR Forums: https://forums.kotarp.com/
  5. 5150

    Interior deletion

    Hey, so in SA there are two interiors in the game that show in all dimensions and interior IDs, and i cant figure out how to delete them, as they are interfering with my map. one is the doherty area, and the other is the area directly behind PD in LS (screenshots attached). i have a resource that deletes every world object from the game and replaces it with water (aka makes an ocean) but even still, since its treated like an interior and i cant just delete all interiors, it still shows. any help would be appreciated. (dont mind the island in the first SS, thats unrelated. but the stoplights over the island are related to the interior issue)
  6. 5150

    Error with downloading

    fixed it. to anyone else that may run across this issue in the future, check your HTTP port. you may need to change it to something else. if you're using an old .conf that had a different <serverport/>, make sure your old HTTP port matches too. the default is 22005 but for some reason, my server required 23005. i changed the port, opened it in the router and it works now
  7. Yo, so i tried starting my freeroam server back up and both myself and a tester friend kept getting this error for several resources. he got kicked, while i remained in game but the downloads canceled. i tried reinstalling my server as well but no luck. what does this mean and how can i fix it? Download error: HTTP server file mismatch (wang) mapEditorScriptingExtension_c.lua [Got size:15 MD5:DE9219E425CC35B85E0FA0222F625269, wanted MD5:15A2840EEC70E63469542E5D1ACE5458]
  8. awesome, do you have anything else related?
  9. great idea, but it seems to be searching for every instance of isPlayerAdmin etc.. what exactly does it search for?
  10. 5150

    Minimap help

    This isnt quite a scripting question, so i'm asking here. moderators move if theres a better area: i need someone that knows how to make custom minimap/f11 maps based on your environment/map. ive seen this done in SAAW but i have no way to contact the owner to ask his advice personally. basically, i have a custom city that im going to use for something, buts its mapped in the water and i need a map for players to navigate easier.
  11. could you add a better description of what you want please?
  12. no one is going to just "give" you a system, unless it was already released on community, in which you could just search there instead of making a forum topic... your description sounds similar to the roleplay script version. maybe you could make one using ideas from RP.