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  1. MTA Tactics competition Hello to all MTA tactic players and newcomers as well. Today i'm happy to announce the inauguration of the december MTA tactics tournament. unfortunately it is coinciding with the downfall of our gamemode that has been happening in these two years. The tournament will be opened from today. All the instructions are there, remember, read the rules and other information so there will not be misunderstandings, let's revive a bit of the old competitive golden days. Make a team and make your subscriptions in the following webpage http://mtatournament.tk/
  2. _JH

    Sensitivity problem

    It's genius Ergo 525X, it was the same in GTA:SA, but i installed sensfix so i can adjust the sensitivity to my wish and it's now fine. But in MTA it's still to high to move and not comfortable.
  3. _JH

    Sensitivity problem

    Hello, my problem is about sensitivity in MTA, i bough a new mouse that's pretty good but in MTA it goes too fast for me, even if i put the sensitivity in 0 it stills goes too fast, i tried even to put in 0 windows sensitivity but it doesn't make much of a difference in-game. is there away to solve this or should i buy a new mouse? pd: it's not a gaming mouse so i can't change dpi's.,the default dpi of my mouse is 1600.
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