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  1. Well those videos is just my practise videos, Im just testing video editing. And that 90mb video is Project Backer (I made it in last winter) diffrent than stunt pack. Project Backer is just showing what you can in mta do.
  2. Ok, I finally have my home web server up. You can download wrongway videos from here: Http:// (speed limit is 15kt/s) If you have any problems, you can contack me by irc. Tietaja in #alfa @ quakenet edit: now it should work... (I typed wrong ip )
  3. I have make 2 movies now (wrongway - Project_Backer & wrongway - stunt pack). And now I need server, where I can upload those videos.
  4. Me! You forgot me! (Wrongway production) I have done 2videos (Mesa-grande stunts and Project Packer) and 2videos is coming (Freestyler and Stuntpolices)
  5. Somebody who nick is Vince did this: http://personal.inet.fi/private/vince/stoppie.jpg ( I found this link from http://www.muropaketti.com forums )
  6. I can beleave this, some body really like this Thanks.
  7. It is my (and my bro, and his frend) movie. I just warnging people... I have posted this movie few other forums, and they have crunch this video allmost immedeadly, so im just warning and that way I hope I make unpleasent feedback little less.
  8. Ok, this video is made by noobs there is few typing errors (Producktion = production) (Backer = Packer), etc... please ignore those. Mta version we used was 2.0 (video last video clip i have been testing fraps2 & mta stunt) There is no tricks, cheats, mods (only mta) and allmost all stunt are stunned We dont have seen any gta3/gta3vc stuntvideos and all ideas is ours. If you like it, you can talk whit me in. #alfa @ quakenet This is last warning, this video is really (and i mean really) lame:!: http://edu.kauhajoki.fi/~jm/mta/Project_Backer.avi ~91mb
  9. Stunt server needs more packers and boats need stuntplaces. Jumps to building roof. "catapult place" Place where players can get their cars flying far as possible Here is my practice stunt video: http://koti.mbnet.fi/mannila/mesa-grande.avi 33.6mb real stunt video is coming...
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