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  1. Simplex

    [Roleplay] BlissGaming, English Community.

    A stolen server of a leaked server. Interesting.
  2. Simplex

    [Venta] PCU/UCP a medida

    Gracias por la aclaración. Buena suerte con la venta.
  3. Simplex

    [Venta] PCU/UCP a medida

    Producto creado a medida de una base ya existente.
  4. Simplex

    Selecting primary VGA for MTA

    It should pop up a window at the start of MTA:SA like this one: Here you should select the option where AMD or NVIDIA name pops up. In this case A.
  5. Simplex

    [Venta] PCU/UCP a medida

    Mi comentario anterior se encuentra estrictamente relacionado con el contenido del post y con origen del contenido publicado en este post. Les deseo buena suerte con la venta.
  6. Simplex

    [Venta] PCU/UCP a medida

    Incapaces de hacer una gamemode de RP desde 0, y vais a hacer un foro desde 0. Hay algo que no cuadra aqui...
  7. It feels like: DayZ * 0.3 + PUBG * 0.4 + RCR * 0.3 'RCR' = 'Random Community Resources'
  8. Simplex

    [SHOW] Horse

    That setElementRotation
  9. Simplex

    Looking to buy roleplay gamemode

    Way too much money for that.
  10. Simplex

    Looking to buy roleplay gamemode

    If you are seriously looking for a 1000€ server, look for someone to create something unique for you...
  11. Simplex

    Looking for an RPG server

    It's not a RP, they use RP for the server name but it's not a roleplay just a rpg. Try it out.
  12. Simplex

    [UGN] RPG Server [English] it's your option.
  13. Simplex

    [FREE] PUBG Gamemode

    You should create a repo on Github.
  14. Simplex

    [Release] M.M DXlib

    You have got lots of bugs to fix ( I do so with SUI ). Nice try but keep working on it!