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  1. I've had in mind an expansion of the storyline of GTA:SA a long time ago, but I'm pretty sure about it.
  2. I'm gonna try to get something done so I get a final answer to my question. Between your server is a great one maybe with some advertisement and skins system you could bring to your server hundreds of players.
  3. For what do you need the angle? Because you cannot get the angle of 3D points.
  4. You should have three positions ( one of them is the reference ) in order to obtain an angle.
  5. I'm not saying that I want this gamemode for free. What I'm trying to let you know you cannot say something is trash without providing any kind of evidence, because these reviews affect the number of people who is going to buy a gamemode made from scratch.
  6. Could you post your MTA SA video configuration?
  7. Go ahead and leak it if it's that 'trash'.
  8. Do you have a nVIDIA graphic card?
  9. 'too unoptimised and broken.' Have you checked the code in order to say that?
  10. Hello guys! Since I've seen lots of servers are opening with the same gamemodes and then closing after x time, do you guys think that is it worth it to create an unique server nowadays in MTA:SA beside the fact people tend to play something they are used to? Thanks for your time, Simple0x47.
  11. Yeah, leaking it would be great for getting more roleplay copycats server. Maybe this way the OWL based servers will change to VC:RP.
  12. Problem solved, thank you very much for the solution @ccw.