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  1. Spawn&Death

    De la account system.
  2. [vR] Romania Viata Reala |

    Aici nu reusesti nimic.
  3. Double post, very serious company, good script resell.
  4. This name should be reserved for a high quality server.
  5. The most important question: Do you pay and with PayPal?
  6. Mă invata cineva sa scriptez un server roleplay

    Daca platesti pentru ca sa inveti da, daca nu cautati viata invatand scripting.
  7. I like how all this sounds, and the fact your hosting doesn't require unique scripts in order to have a server proves a less possibility of leaking customer's data. This seems to be a start up with a great future to come.
  8. [vR] Romania Viata Reala |

    Aici nu o sa obtii prea mult ajutor de la ownerii serverului acesta. Iti recomendez sa cauti al server in cazul in care nu este staff responsabil pentru a dezvolta actiunile curaspunzatoare.
  9. I've started testing this free gameserver hosting, right now it looks pretty legit and professional, but I wouldn't trust that much to host an entire server in here with unique scripts. I'll update the review as I spend more time testing this service.
  10. ¿Cómo eliminar objetos con scripts?

    Lo primero que debes hacer es descubrir cuales son los ID de los modelos que deseas borrar del mapa, cuando tienes eso haz un script en client de este estilo: local modelos = { 1250, 2501, 591, 250, 2510 } -- SON ID's ALEATORIAS, DEBERAS BORRAR ESTAS Y AÑADIR LAS TUYAS. local radius, x, y, z = 50, 1200, 2000, 2000 -- REEMPLAZA EL RADIO Y LAS COORDENADAS CON LAS QUE NECESITES PARA ABARCAR TODA LA ESTACIÓN SF local function resource_start() for modelo_id = 1, #modelos do removeWorldModel( modelos[ modelo_id ], radius, x, y, z ) end end addEventHandler( 'onClientResourceStart', resourceRoot, resource_start )

    Be sure the audio settings are set in a way you can listen to mta sounds. Otherwise check the Windows audio manager so you can be sure that MTA's volume is higher than 0 or not muted.
  12. Stolen Server Name

    Well if you closed your server and someone opened one while it was off, you have no rights in order to make the server owner edit the server's name.
  13. MEGA HOST for MTA Servers 1$ !!!

    Well, I'd recommend you to make servers for yourself cuz you ain't gonna have many customers with this attitude.
  14. Server for MacOS

    You could try to virtualize a little distro OS of Linux in order to make use of MTA Linux's server version.