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    Version v0.03 is not good enough so v0.04 has been started!
  2. [REL] New car reflection shader, close to ENB

  3. S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Rise of Zombies

    Man you cannot decide like if you were the developer. So it's just their decision. If you want to see this kind of gameplay then go ahead and make your own stuff.
  4. S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Rise of Zombies

    They are the one's that developed it, not you. So you can't say what's a good/bad idea for them.
  5. S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Rise of Zombies

    Why they should do that? Spend that much time just to give another guy to profit from their work? They should do whatever they want to do.
  6. Looking for battle royale, pubg mod.

    You contact me in order to buy, the payment is made by paypal. The price depends on the stuff you want, and you will have support after the purchase.
  7. Goneor Hosting

    Engleza de cacat si hosting de cacat.

    New version v0.03, get's closer and closer.

    Fijate bien que en esta sección solo se habla en inglés, por lo tanto podrías haber llevado a cabo una búsqueda mínima de la sección española que no es nada difícil de encontrar. Por lo tanto te ruego postear en la sección correcta la próxima vez.
  10. Mysql

    Toata comunitatea romana de RP se bazeaza pe vreun gamemode leaked. Ii adevarat ca multi vor totul facut dar alti au nevoie de ghidari ca sa inceapa, eu de exemplu la inceput am avut nevoie de ceva ajutor cu mySQL in Paradise la inceput. Asa ca hai sa ajutam unde vedem ca persoana are interes in a invata. Badea baga debugscript 3 in consola ( F8 ) si dai drumu resursa 'mysql' si o sa vezi ca conexiunea nu se face din cauza la o configurar incorecta. Asa ca uitate bine la datele care bagi si fi sigur ca ai adaugat modula mta_mysql ( .so linux, .dll windows ) in folder de modules si in mtaserver.conf. Si incaz ca faci conexiunea localhost trebe sa adaugi si socketul unix daca esti pe linux. Socketul unix ii normal sa fie asta '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock'. Pentru al adauga la conexiune creezi o variabila si o adaugi in mysql_connect dupa ultimul parametru adaugat care cel mai sigur o sa fie port.
  11. [LF] Members for Staff Team [Non Paid]

    Your application has checked and you doun't have the skills we are looking for. Maybe next time, don't give up!
  12. DayZ

    Pues encontrar una mochila y pasarla a tu inventario, no hay mas.
  13. Mysql

    Tare gluma, ce mo spart o fost 'noi astia'. Ba in loc sa ajutam de ce ne punem sa ne batem joc de oameni ah?
  14. FairPlay - Vehicle system

    You've made wrong writing 'element'. The thing that fails is the creation of the vehicle maybe due to an undefined required variable like 'model' so I'd suggest you to checkout the variables 'model', 'respawnPosX', 'respawnPosY', 'respawnPosZ'. If one of those is nil then the vehicle creation fails and the warning expected element pops up. So make sure those 4 vars are logic values for the function.