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  1. I run windows 2000, all versions of mta work fine. Your problem is known, and fixes are explained in the faq. Perhaps looking into possibe solutions in obvious places would be a better idea than posting complaints? Ok perhaps the problem is not in 2000. I heared the same problem from a few othe 2k users, so I thought it is true or even could be Nope, my problem isn't in the faq, I read it a few times, but theres nothing like the problem that I have
  2. I suggest reading the FAQ and move your language files to the right place, or set your VC to English. Also check that the version you specify in your client is the same as your VC version. MTA works fine on Windows 2000, so there is no need for a bugfix. -Wartech year, that's just what I need now. Someone who thinks he is funny Perhaps you read my text, then you would see, that my problem is not in the languagefile
  3. got the same problem, but it was also in 1.0. 2.0 or 2.2 I don't know. I could never play it
  4. well the stunt mod sounds quite good, but I still think that version 1.0 is the best version of all. Why? Year, because it's the only version that works on 2000! Argh that makes me realy angry Still the same problem: I join the game, see the last massage scrolling down and down, I see the player who I can choose and then: I hear the sound of an starting engine and game hang up Perhaps this bug can be fixed befor we talk about more and more features What do you think about this, if you were in my position? Game gets cooler and cooler but you can't play it. It doesn't seam to worry the
  5. SO whats your point???and your wrong btw. sorry I didn't quote of mrbump. so thats why I posted, that the website says 0% and he says about 50%
  6. @MrBump: The Website still says that the team hasen't even started working on 0.3
  7. hmm I don't think that the main concentration should be on making new features. There are so many bugs in 0.2 that should be fixed. Many people still cant play 0.2 but 0.1 works fine. Maps: New maps, sounds like much work...really much work. I also don't think that a new map will make players more happy. I like the vice city map. It would be better if this map is beeing changed, that you can enter more shops, have more cars, ... Sorry for my bad english
  8. hmm it seams that noone really cares about our problems in this topic, because the programmers already know many of them and have much to do. I think our only hope is, that we wait for the next version. Perhaps the problem with win 2000 and the problem with the australian version is fixed. Thouse two would let many more people play the game. But also "waiting" is not that, what I want to do, as I see all the cool screenshots It would be nice if in the manual a few more problem fixes will be added sorry for my bad english
  9. yes 0.1 worked fine. I also use 2000 but the new version doesn't work
  10. How can you set the game to a compatibility mode?
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