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  1. texture texture0; float factor; sampler Sampler0 = sampler_state { Texture = (texture0); AddressU = MIRROR; AddressV = MIRROR; }; struct PSInput { float2 TexCoord : TEXCOORD0; }; float4 PixelShader_Background(PSInput PS) : COLOR0 { float4 sum = tex2D(Sampler0, PS.TexCoord); for (float i = 1; i < 3; i++) { sum += tex2D(Sampler0, float2(PS.TexCoord.x, PS.TexCoord.y + (i * factor))); sum += tex2D(Sampler0, float2(PS.TexCoord.x, PS.TexCoord.y - (i * factor))); sum += tex2D(Sampler0, float2(PS.TexCoord.x - (i * factor), PS.TexCoord.y)); sum += tex2D(Sampler0, float2(PS.TexC
  2. You must remove all references to the buffer variable and call "collectgarbage ()" after replacing the model, thereby freeing memory from unused data in the variables
  3. I want put out it on github. If you add server events and some functions for exports, then we can give people a good enough bone_attach
  4. I caught trend and I'm working on optimize bone_attach. 1000 objects in stream:
  5. XaskeL


  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anisotropic_filtering
  7. Link for download working example (Click Here)
  8. -- example [1]: CGlitch:show(500); -- example [2]: CGlitch.show(CGlitch, 500); -- params: @self (table CGlitch), 500 (time in milliseconds or false for permanently drawing) show = function(self, fTime) -- create screen source & shader if not self.Shader then self.MyScreenSource = dxCreateScreenSource(CGlitch.ScreenSize[1], CGlitch.ScreenSize[2]); self.Shader = dxCreateShader(SHADER_CODE); -- set default parametres dxSetShaderValue(self.Shader, 'GlitchPower', self.GlitchPower); dxSetShaderValue(self.Shader, 'myScreenSource', self.MyScreenSource); end -- set work t
  10. Show example, please
  11. set script type "shared" in xml. example: <meta> <script src="table.Lua" type="shared" cache="false"/> </meta>
  12. Hey. Do not try to hack my development. You spoil the life of people who want to have the privacy of their assets.
  13. Completely finished code, as well as an example of use inside. Also, a resource is ready to download protected files (loader). Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0cpkkuwjdqa6nvt/protection dff %26 txd files example.rar?dl=0
  14. It is worth testing. And the key is what you encrypt your file and decrypt, it is advisable to come up with it yourself. After that, you need to encrypt the models and in the client-side decrypt in RAW and load.
  15. Example: function string_padding_dword(s) local l = 4 - string.len(s) % 4 return s .. string.rep(string.char(l), l) end function string_unpadding_dword(s) return string.sub(s, 0, string.len(s) - string.byte(s, string.len(s))) end function FileProtection(path, key) local file = fileOpen(path) local size = fileGetSize(file) local FirstPart = fileRead(file, 65536) fileSetPos(file, 65536) local SecondPart = fileRead(file, size - 65536) fileClose(file) file = fileCreate(path..'rw') fileWrite(file, encodeString('tea', string_padding_dword(FirstPart), { key = key })..SecondP
  16. Не стал бы я доверять этому, никак, вообще.
  17. XaskeL

    [Help] HLSL

    local texel = dxCreateTexture('textures/m4blue.png', 'dxt1') dxSetShaderValue(shader, "TEXTURE", texture)
  18. XaskeL

    [Help] HLSL

    // // fx_pre_object.fx // //--------------------------------------------------------------------- // Variables //--------------------------------------------------------------------- float3 sElementOffset = float3(0,0,0); float3 sWorldOffset = float3(0,0,0); float3 sCameraPosition = float3(0,0,0); float3 sCameraForward = float3(0,0,0); float3 sCameraUp = float3(0,0,0); float sFov = 1; float sAspect = 1; float2 sMoveObject2D = float2(0,0); float2 sScaleObject2D = float2(1,1); float sAlphaMult = 1; float sProjZMult = 2; texture newTexture : TEXTURE; // CUSTOM TEXTURE sampler newTextureSamp
  19. You cannot replace the model. Only texture. Below these links you can find the identifiers for replacing the texture. And if this is not enough for you, you can use the shader to replace the texture. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Clothing_Component_IDs https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/CJ_Clothes
  20. XaskeL

    AC Detect 33

    33 SD. Disallow software of the category 'Net limiter' (ideal for lagswitching or causing structural lag, but may also be used for benign purposes). While working on notifications about non-standard GTA San Andreas. Noticed that I have AC Detect # 33. But I did not install any of the programs listed here (https://updatesa.mtasa.com/sa/trouble/?tr=netlimiter). GIGABYTE Aorus motherboard. Maybe there are some other programs that need to be removed or not?
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