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  1. XaskeL

    [Sell]Quest Diamonds

  2. XaskeL

    [Sell]Quest Diamonds

    This script is public release in russia community!!! this script have very horrible code
  3. XaskeL

    ban by trainer

    serial: E7CC7EE9AF46CE1D847EB024A35E1F71 I repent of all sins. I really want to play, seriously. I am ready to bear the punishment, but I ask you not to even take it off, but to make it temporary, because I realized what I did. ccw told me to write a month later and that only you can unban (dutchman101).
  4. XaskeL

    Manipulate death camera

    setCameraMatrix event: onPlayerWasted or onClientPlayerWasted
  5. XaskeL

    Shader problem.

    local screenWidth, screenHeight = guiGetScreenSize() local firstShader = dxCreateShader("shader2.fx") local secondShader = dxCreateShader("shader.fx") local screenSource = dxCreateScreenSource(screenWidth, screenHeight) local blurAmount = 50 local uvAmount = 400 local blendAmount = 6 function onClientRender() dxUpdateScreenSource(screenSource) dxSetShaderValue(firstShader, "colorAmount", 0.50) dxSetShaderValue(firstShader, "coloredTexture", screenSource) --dxDrawImage(0, 0, screenWidth, screenHeight, firstShader) dxSetShaderValue(secondShader, "ScreenSource", firstShader) dxSetShaderValue(secondShader, "OverlayTexture", result) dxSetShaderValue(secondShader, "BlurStrength", blurAmount) dxSetShaderValue(secondShader, "UVSize", screenWidth - uvAmount, screenHeight - uvAmount) dxSetShaderValue(secondShader, "Blend", blendAmount) dxDrawImage(0, 0, screenWidth, screenHeight, secondShader) end addEventHandler("onClientRender", getRootElement(), onClientRender)
  6. XaskeL

    SD #15 SIGN

    give me you discord
  7. XaskeL

    Shader problem.

    give me full code
  8. XaskeL

    Shader problem.

    input "shader" to "shader" for blur and output result "dxDrawImage(...,shader)" local grayShdr = ... dxSetShaderValue(grayShdr, "ScreenSource", screen); local blur = ... dxSetShaderValue(blur, "ScreenSource", grayShdr) dxDrawImage(..., gray) or use pass0, pass1 in shader
  9. XaskeL

    Turn signal (texture)

    shader, change material texture/flash or pixel shader + gTime for flash.
  10. XaskeL

    SD #15 SIGN

    You have lost the inscription on the right in the bottom of the monitor "Test Mode"? Also enable Secure Boot in BIOS if it is disabled
  11. XaskeL

    SD #15 SIGN

    Enable driver signing check. if not clear, then I can help you in Discord. Tutorial: https://www.technipages.com/enable-disable-device-driver-signing
  12. XaskeL

    help move back

    dxGetTextWidth dxGetFontHeight use it ... or i did not understand what you need?
  13. XaskeL

    [HELP] Reports System

    Describe the task more specifically
  14. XaskeL

    xml vs json

    JSON is simpler, but it has its limits and data size. For example, I was faced with the fact that JSON returned an empty table from a very large JSON. Here for each situation individually. Personally, I would prefer to write something small in JSON. In other cases, come up with something more rational.
  15. XaskeL

    Looking for shader

    test it client.lua: SHADER_CODE = [[ texture GrayscaleTexture; sampler screenSampler = sampler_state { Texture = <GrayscaleTexture>; }; float4 main(float2 uv : TEXCOORD0) : COLOR0 { float4 Color; Color = tex2D( screenSampler , uv); Color.rgb = round((Color.r+Color.g+Color.b)*10.0f)/30.0f; Color.r=Color.rgb; Color.g=Color.rgb; Color.b=Color.rgb; return Color; }; technique Grayscale { pass P1 { PixelShader = compile ps_2_0 main(); } } ]] local scx,scy = guiGetScreenSize() local screenSource = dxCreateScreenSource(scx,scy) local shader = dxCreateShader(SHADER_CODE) addEventHandler('onClientHUDRender', root, function() dxUpdateScreenSource(screenSource, true) dxSetShaderValue(shader, 'GrayscaleTexture', screenSource) end ); addEventHandler('onClientRender', root, function() dxDrawImage(0,0,scx,scy,screenSource) end );