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  1. Hmm..well the No-cd patch kinda works with the Australian version but Unhandled Exception galore...Which sucks..So if any of you MTA Devs have some time on your hands..It will be much appreciated if there was a possibility of creating a "working fix"...Has to be a way to make it work with the Original "Australian" Exe...Only problem is if it's possible lol Thanks, Aetius
  2. This is now off Topic...please start your own Thread or look for one that's specific to your problem....Thank you
  3. ....Hope next version it will work with Aust VC...Fingers Crossed lol
  4. Yeah, I have it, it didn't fix the problem with the Original exe, Check page 3...
  5. Hmm. Well a noCD [patch i shouldnt have - xerox], appears to work with the .AU patch, to some extent. Alot of problems! Many Exceptions at different locations. Very Random. other problems. Could there be a way to create a Patch that actually fixes the problem with the Original exe, because it kind of works with the noCD exe. Weird
  6. It's a modified 1.0. When I tryed to Install 1.1, it said, "this program cannot update the installed version of Gta:ViceCity because of the following reason: gta-vc.exe: unknown version. I have no idea what's different in the Australian Game of VC. I know in the Australian version of GTA III, your not allowed to pick up Prostitutes. But Changing the Regional Settings to US, some people said that it enabled Prostitutes, (I haven't tryed personally), Does VC have that? Other things must of been been changed, though it's a mystery of what?
  7. I tried all of those possible Fixes, that were in that Thread, none of them worked! I don't know where it Situates, but I know that it's not a different Problem. I also received this Error Message after the Exception. I Use Orignal exe. Not a Nocd Crack! I'll wait and see if any other people are experiencing this.
  8. I download the Patch, Installed it..Pressed Start Game on a Server..It loaded without the "Failure Detecting Version" Error...But just before Rockstar Screen, I got an Unhandled Exception .. Unhandled Exception: c0000005 At Address: 004abd1c
  9. There isn't a 1.1 Australian executible, 1.1 is incompatible with Australian version. I really do hope a fix will be available sometime soon, as I really want to play MTA!!!
  10. Obviously the people from aust that did get it to work have pirated version of the game..
  11. I also have the same problem...I reinstalled vice city and mta...still "failure detecting version" error still occurs! I removed the mta.ini from windows..Joined a server, clicked on start game..then selected gta-vc.exe, but still....it doesnt work. p.s, i do not use no cd cracks and I have retail version....
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