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  1. Don't Trust this Guy. He has Scammed me. And I Have Proofs. Srsly, don't add him and don't Pay this Dude here. You will get nothing. (On a Wish, I can send the Proofs, Chatlog, Paypal )
  2. Why you reacted "Confused"? Maybe look the PN or look Discord? Srsly, I was the Guy, with the MySQL for DayZ. And I See, you say you are finished and haven't Download the Script @namebot //EDIT Sorry for double Post.
  3. I would not trust him. He Scammed me. Not for this, but for but for something else. Srsly, I will not buy something from him. (Yes I have Proofs, Chatlog, Paypal.) I just want to warn the users here with that post.
  4. 1. Change in the 3 Save and Load Function from the 140 Rows to save the items, to JSON with 1 ROW in the MYSQL (mysql.lua /pickups.lua 2. Add Custonmize CJ (Login and mysql) 3. Add in the Save Function, that they will save new Vehicles on the Map in the MYSQL (mysql) Add me on Discord xDavid#0497
  5. Hello, I Have a MySQL System. What Save the Items in the Inventory all in singel Rows. I Will change it in a Big Row with JSON. Then they don't save new Vehicles. Now i am Search who can Help me over Discord. 1. Add a Function in the Login 2. Fix the Login 3. add JSON 4. Add a Save function to save Vehicles I search only who help me/ make it for me, for Money. Only pay over Paypal. (Sorry for bad English, i am from Germany)
  6. What kind of Features? I list some. - Base Build - Full MySQL System - Skill System - Customize CJ - Shop - etc
  7. zzzzzZZZZZZ INFOS, without Infos, no one will buy something from you. DayZ Pack. Tell me what are in the Pack. What Features.
  8. Hello, i Have a MySQL System for my DayZ Sevrer, and need a Fix and some changes. I Can Pay. Who will help me? I Will Pay only over paypal.
  9. Hello, I am Looking for a DayZ Gamemode with some Features. To Buy ^^ - Login / Register - MySQL System for Users, Tents and Vehicles. Complete on MySQl not the Internal DB. I will Pay with Paypal in €
  10. Nice that is Nice. My Problem is, that they dont save the Name from the Player. I need for My Projekt a Login/Register with Username and not the Serial. Because i have some Ressources that is Working over User namens in the DB.
  11. //Push Still searching And Edit what the GM need.
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