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  1. Hey fellas, I was curious as to any of the MTA staff would like a gmail account since I just got another 12 invites! It's a Google Mail account which offers 1 gig of space and has dosens of nifty features! If you want an account and you're from the MTA Staff give me a buzz at highlyspammable@gmail.com if you're NOT from the staff i'll still give you an account as long as you can email me with the lyrics from any song from Woodstock '69! I'll only give an account to the first 4 non MTA staff members though! Cheers!
  2. Umm, stupid question. How the hell is GTASA gonna work? THE MAPS ARE HUGE! I mean, VC has an enourmous level size as it is, SA is like 5 times as big! It'll be like this: Player 1: "Where Are You?" Player 2: "Los Santos" Player 1: "ARGH CRAP! That's a 1/2 hour flight!" Player 2: "Well how about we play text paper siscors rock?" Player 1: "You're on biatch!
  3. Whats the problem with car killing? I find it EASIER to kill someone in a car than someone on foot as its simple to dodge a car and shoot the heck out of it in the mean time! If you whine about things other than spawn killing and cheating then no offence, but you suck.
  4. lol, So will backfliping be enabled?
  5. Hey Fellas, Great work with the project so far! But I do have one little request: Could you possibly make it so that you can do proper backflips on the motorbikes in MTA as at the moment if you lean to far backwards in midair, he just falls off! Anyway, this was just a small request that I thought would make stunt mode just a little more entertaining. If it's not possible then thats fine and thank you immensley for the brilliant work you have done so far. Thank you.
  6. It's called a "LAN" newb. Go and get some friends. *cough*Jack's A Troll*Cough* How about you stop it with the critisicm? He was replying with VALID information and what did you do? You decided you had to say something so you decided to put him down for NO APPARENT REASON were you born arrogant or has that just happened over time?
  7. It's a conspirisy I tell ya! These Flying biekes are out to take over the world!
  8. You can smell em in the air, huh?
  9. Hi all, just curious, are there any OTHER programs apart from All Seeing Eye that you can use to join games? Thanks in advance!
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