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  1. Ok, im sofkin hyped right now, this is damn amazing. There shouldnt even be questions about implementing it into MTA method, people dont like downloading custom files or other client versions. I think it should be made to work with Lua functions, since its much more handy me mainly would want to use it : adding extra cars instead of replacing them, adding extra tune parts, adding extra skins, and mainly for a big custom open world map im working on that haves ALOT of custom models and some parts of gta sa but retextured and with edited models, mainly i get alot of performance, and draw distance problem with things like those. But yeah, would be so cool to start seing servers with vice city etc as theyr main map. Dont think i was much of a help, but yeah, so awesome to see fastman working on mta
  2. http://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/ ... uster-3-3/ I think alot of people agree that this must be implemented ? like it unlocks alot of possibilities in mta world like adding additional cars and so on..idk if its hard or not but, it would be helpfull for alot of servers. And our dear old stream memory problems everybody should know about them at least now, its a big problem in custom modelling and wanting to make something bigger, so a new better stream memory fix should be really be implemented in mta it kills our projects with alot of custom objects and our fps
  3. Hello wanted to ask did anyone tried to edit cj model well the textures replacing for it seems to work but not the model here the potato face i got when i tried replacing cj with tommy vercetti: well thats the code i used for txds that worked : addEventHandler ( 'onClientResourceStart', resourceRoot, function ( ) local txd = engineLoadTXD ( 'player_face.txd' ) engineImportTXD ( txd, 30418 ) end ) and dis is how i tried to replace the head model addEventHandler ( 'onClientResourceStart', resourceRoot, function ( ) local dff = engineLoadDFF ( 'head.dff') engineReplaceModel ( dff, 30371 ) end )
  4. verry awesomee script cant wait for the release
  5. thanks blue for helph the problem has been fixedd
  6. hello i cant seem to open ports on win 10 i get these lines Port 22126 UDP is closed. Players can not browse! Port 22003 UDP is closed. Players can not join! Port 22005 TCP is closed . Players can not download! it used to work on win 8.1 before the upgrade but now idk what to do i opened ports in firewall too this is what i see in my router settings : (i added the 3 last now to test it used to work with first 2 but it dosent work now)
  7. wow this is awesomeee thanks for sharing
  8. no it wouldnt work in samp you cant add water there..
  9. well im a beginner at 3d modelling but i will not stop trying to get myself better btw could you give a link where are your singleplayer gta sa maps ?
  10. did you use col editor to extract collisions ?
  11. well i used scene2res converter to convert ipl files to map
  12. Hello there i got a little problemo again well i converted gostown paradise to mta yesterday annddddd the game crashes in some point when you drive around it well thats problemo nr 1 there is problemo nr 2 im not familiar with mta scripting and how is it possible to make like better stream distance well i mean when you drive around i see roads loading infront of me i got max draw distance on but objects appear infront of me annoyng as helll i want it to be more like default sa map where you see alot of map in sky not 4 objects here's a example how i see stuff ( dont mind the default sa objects ss is from the time when i only half converted gostown) and heres example of the code im using for dis gostown: I manually wrote each of this for each object so yeah i got only this file with object replacement I would really like examples of code for making a stable map conversion sorry for mah bad english
  13. Hello i got a little problemoooo i converted gostown paradise to mta but its high in the sky is there any suggestions how to make sky upper ? or only thing to do now is to make map lower?
  14. Nice job now just need conrolable evangelion
  15. if its like in samp setobjectmeterial so yeah we definetly need thattt badly
  16. Do annyone have a script for having a playermodel dissapear for one person ? like i want to do if i write /fps my playermodel dissapears and i cant see it but others becouse the hands are verrry annoyng http://i.imgur.com/ir3sOsb.png
  17. Thanks alot dude i will check everything
  18. Hello i tried scene2res converter but when i try to lounch it i get alot of errors at first i get that its smth a nil value with this : engineStreamingSetProperty( "infiniteStreaming", true ); wanted to ask is there possible to make this code simple and replacing models without all these complicating scripts that are inside ?
  19. they cant get them from gta sa if the mods are made by me and are only in my server
  20. well im asking for help with this encryption thing not requesting stuff becouse im not advanced myself to make a script like this
  21. is there anyone who have any experience in encrypting files or smth like that if yes could you please add me on skype danuixas1 ? i need help alot if you are advanced enought to make the resource i ask i can pay for it if ya want
  22. what about converting huge singleplayer maps to mta ?
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