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  3. Guys... Will you help me ? Mta DD my bestgame , will you fix that on 1.6 ? Or shall i leave Mta completely ?!?? Say me final answer if that problem is unfixable or fixable (when? / how?)
  4. Maybe i feel that lag became less , but its really still lagging ...
  5. hi My nick is AxeR and i have problems with MTA DD. 3 Months ago i bought pc Intel® Core i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20 GHz 3.20GHz RAM: 8 GB Windows: 8.1 Professionel Nvidia Ge Force 750 GTX Ti After 2 months from buying pc,i start lagging. Problem is when i play MTA DD gamemode in scoreboard it show fps 51 but i lag like it would be 20 Moust interesting is that i lag in dd+race+shooter... i didnt tryed all. But in other gamemodes like freeroam or DM i dont lag, even in my other high games like LoL , Gta5 ,WoW.. i have 0 lag i formated pc before days,but i still have same problem (i have alreaddy anti-virus)(in gta:sa no lag) help please...