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  1. Didn't saw that anywhere, would be rather private than public. How much are you willing to pay? You can also pm me.
  2. Just jump in on the MTA Wiki, search the functions you need, and start scripting. The link: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/ Or if you want to skip all the fun, just pay a scripter.
  3. 20.06.2015 confirmed, the launch day!
  4. Thank you, it works flawlessly and i've learnt something!
  5. Hello, i was wondering, how to create a command that sends you your current id of skin in the chat box. That's my current code, that isn't working. function checkSkin ( player ) outputChatBox ( "Your skin ID is: " .. getElementModel ( player ) ) end addCommandHandler ( "skin", checkSkin )
  6. U nas jest taki w budowie, jezeli chcesz wiecej informacji, zglos sie na PW.
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