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  1. MTA SA - connection timed out

    The way above doesn't help, still looking for other way. ;v
  2. MTA SA - connection timed out

    @Dutchman101 Thanks for reply, i'll try this in next week, and i will let you know if it helps.
  3. MTA SA - connection timed out

    Temporarily solved using TunnelBear VPN. Still looking for other way to fix this ;v
  4. MTA SA - connection timed out

    Hi, I have some problem to connecting with some servers. It start some month ago, and i was thinking that's due of my internet, but probably not. So i can join every server of this DayZ project [Turkey, EU, Asia, International] but not [RU/UA] servers, before i can normal join to every RU server. I don't know what to do, i already: > reinstalled MTA > reinstalled GTA > run MTA/GTA with admin privileges My ping on those servers it's normal from 80 to 120 max. I can stay in login panel until i click Play for some minutes, and i don't get kicked, but when i want to log in, i have red connection sign and after some seconds i got kicked with reason connection timed out. I try to join on RU servers on laptop connected to same network and there i don't have any problem with connection or something. I hope someone help with me this. :c Almost same issue >
  5. MTA:DayZ 0.7 Source Code!

    I'm waiting for this =)
  6. MTA:DayZ 0.7 Source Code!

    So i have another request, add possibility to collect backpack, i mean if you pick up the backpack, you need equip it manually. Because if you want to collect backpacks and put it in tent, you can't because server says you have bigger backpack.
  7. MTA:DayZ 0.7 Source Code!

    I have little request, please add double-click to use items instead right-click and then left click. I think that will be better.
  8. MTA:DayZ 0.7 Source Code!

    Thank you, i'll will try search more bugs =)
  9. MTA:DayZ 0.7 Source Code!

    Hi, did u fix error with menuclient that which causes you can't give bloodbag etc. to other players?
  10. MTA:DayZ 0.7 Source Code!

    I test it on LAN server, i mean when i shoot to someone i only had this logs from admin security. And i think that problem with menuclient causes u can't see player nickname, for me it should be if u aim on player u will can see his name.
  11. MTA:DayZ 0.7 Source Code!

    Hi. You did a great job man, but i find some problems with GM, i mean about "menu_client.lua", it gives some warning errors, but not only about this, when player is bleeding i can't give him bloodbag or bandage, also when i shoot to someone it gives some errors on debugscript 3 Can u fix this ?
  12. MTA:DayZ 0.9.6a [OUT NOW] [OPEN SOURCE]

    Project is alive?
  13. MTA:DayZ 0.9.6a [OUT NOW] [OPEN SOURCE]

    Well not really, as it's open source you can just look at the code. We will, on the other hand make tutorials on how to play the game and will be on our wiki: MTA:DayZ Wiki Ohh, okey but I hope that there will be more difficult guides for example: adding new backpacks, skins or something different
  14. MTA:DayZ 0.9.6a [OUT NOW] [OPEN SOURCE]

    Dear administration, can u add section "Tutorials" in your forum. Now MTA:DayZ is open source and it would be very helpful if someone show & learn other how to add something or change something. Greetings.