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  1. no i was testing my sig and im not talking about whats up, im fine with whats up, and how you doing. and stuff like that, but not like I PWNIJ j00 THATS WHAT I HATE.
  2. i know, and the screenshots arent even that good quality. make it smaller already VCP!!!!
  3. im so SICK of hearing that STUPID damn word EVERYWHERE i go!!! same with the retarded l33t talking crap! like 0wned and pwned and pwnij crap, whatever that means! god im SO SICK OF IT. will people ever shut up, and use normal words. seriously the guy who started n00b if he's not already dead needs to be SHOT.
  4. there better be a multiplayer mode included for the next Grand Theft Auto, this mod has way too many issues like: - impossible to hit anybody, no matter how much damage i do, they still have full health. its not my computer or internet, its this mod that has problems - i cant tell if a person is dead or not, they are still standing. - people SWIMMING on the ground towards me. this is retarded. - people causing it to CRASH, or it just CRASHES randomly for no reason - a lot of things dont work like hunter missiles, boats - no walking animations - lag even though im on a good server and i
  5. i can never hit anybody either. i tried chainsawing, molotov cocktails, machine guns on one guy and he didnt even lose 1 health. and he killed me. and sometimes i see people swimming towards me on the ground, and i cant hit them. its so messed up! my ping is like 100 too! and sometimes when i run into people its like running into a brick wall, i get sparks coming out my car and i dont do damage. ps they should put in some seaplanes to spice things up. and boats. i am bored with vc!
  6. he only wrote like 5 sentences you jerkas!! the rest is quotes!!!! why are you such a moron!! edit and why are so many bobos all of a sudden. i saw bobo the clown on a server, bobo and now b0b0. lol
  7. yes!!! but you can only fit 2 per cart, and you have to wait for the other carts to spawn.
  8. no its not your sound card mine does that too its a sound blaster, it echos when mta crashes. pretty annoying.
  9. DOES IT WORK EDIT http://www.geocities.com/zoidberg_fan_01/gta.jpg IT SHUD WORK[/b]
  10. is there a sparrow in this version, i never flied that one before.
  11. lol you cant but it would be cool if you could fly the ufo huh. and then it could have a tractor beam as its weapon.
  12. hey how come i cant get the swat guy anymore. that guy was cool. do i just use police as my character and it will show up randomly?
  13. i know! it crashes often, but its the funnest game ive ever played! its like 100 times better than single player vice city.
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