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  1. Ok giv me the job hooker zip ???????????????????????????//////// Why you're still not banned? You are a hateful person Woe to you And fuck you Ok?
  2. Ok giv me the job hooker zip ???????????????????????????////////
  3. Hi guys , this client for job hooker function askForBlowjob(hooker) myhooker = hooker showCursor ( true ) if not blowjobWindow then blowjobWindow = guiCreateWindow(603,349,301,136,"Hooker Services",false) label1 = guiCreateLabel(10,31,282,17,"This hooker want to give you a blowjob.",false,blowjobWindow) guiSetFont(label1 ,"default-bold-small") label2 = guiCreateLabel(10,49,282,17,"Using hooker services will give you health.",false,blowjobWindow) guiSetFont(label2,"default-bold-small") button1 = guiCreateButton(9,91,144,34
  4. Hi guys , this client for job hooker CODE REMOVED BY Solidsnake14 any one , plz make a server.lua or make a job [zip] im waiting thx all
  5. Im not scripter give me job
  6. Ok , How Make This Job [Hooker] edit: ok , guys this Job Hooker But tihs not running why? http://www.filedropper.com/hokerjob but client luac i dont know why ..
  7. @Johnny Killstone Im serch in comunity I dont see this job edit: I See only this script: https://community.multitheftauto.com/in ... ils&id=132 but i know script job hoker this not job plz give me this job {hooker} Ride the car and prees "G" and WooHoo $$
  8. Hi guys Now plz to all people in here Give me Job Hooker This function or job is the car with sex Im waiting plz give me this job
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