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  1. [HELP]Mappolás

    Akkor a modellel van gond. Miben készítetted el?
  2. New in MTA Scripting

    And those basics are taught in that Lua manual.
  3. Help PLS!!Guys me need help with Sublime Text 3

    Moved to the right section. Next time please post in the Tutorials section only if you are publishing a tutorial or useful information.
  4. [Help] How to make a scoreboard?

    I wont tell you exactly how to make your script. I'll explain that little snippet of the code. local scrollN = 0 -- Settings scrolling state to 0, so the scrolling is at the top. local pTable = getElementsByType("player") -- Getting the players. for i = scrollN, scrollN + 12 do -- Using the scrollN value, we can scroll through the players in the pTable, increasing the scrollN value will make to skip the first N players in the table. local selectedP = pTable[i] -- Selecting the player from the playerTable using the "i" val. ... -- Drawing player info. end
  5. New in MTA Scripting

    It is beginner friendly. Videos can help, but its much easier to understand it if you read it over and over again. You'll be able to understand coding in general, so you'll kinda understand more from the wiki page, yeah.
  6. [Help] How to make a scoreboard?

    local scrollN = 0 local pTable = getElementsByType("player") for i = scrollN, scrollN + 12 do local selectedP = pTable[i] ... end You'll have to arrange the code, and add a way to increase and decrease the scrollN value.
  7. [HELP]Custom currency

    If you aren't trying, we aren't willing to help you. When the player logins, set his element data according to the saved data (could be SQL, or account data). When he uses it, set it with setElementData, and when he leaves, save it to the SQL or as the account data.
  8. [HELP]Custom currency

    setElementData, for saving you could use SQL functions or setAccountData.
  9. New in MTA Scripting

    If you are totally new, you should start by learning the actual programming. Lua manual is a good way to start. If you are done reading the manual, and you kinda understand everything which is written there, you can change to the MTA Wiki which has a lot of useful information.
  10. [Help] How to make a scoreboard?

    The easiest way without modifying a ton of things is just making the table as a variable and in the loop, looping through from n to n + scoreboard rows, then selecting the players with playerTable[ i ]. You can just increase or decrease "n" and that should make the scrolling working.
  11. I need help with Zone script and Objects!

    Next time use the code tag please. I fixed it for you now. For the scripting part, you can use isElementWithinColShape, and if that returns false, you can use destroyElement and return.
  12. dxDrawText túlnyúlás

    Ennek a rendertargetnek nincs értelme. A rendertarget nem képes magától megtörni a sort, csak levágja a kilógó részt. Egy egyszerű módszer arra, ha több colorcodeot használsz egy szövegben, akkor számolod a szöveg hosszát, és ha az nagyobb mint a kívánt hossz, beleillesztesz egy sortörést (\n). Ha nincs több colorcodeod, akkor nem muszáj HEX codeot használni benne, egyszerűen a tocolorban átírod a kívánt színt, és a "colored" argument már falsera állítható, így a clip már nem lesz automatikusan false.
  13. a text converter with variables

    First of all, you can only save one thing in one variable, except if its a table. And I dont get what you are trying to do. Do you want to reverse it?
  14. My Flight Fleet

    Moved to the right section. Please read the rules for this section, and apply the needed changes within 24 hours or you post will be removed.
  15. I need script for enemy gang.

    You can use slothman's slothbot.