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  1. You have to check if the player is in a vehicle, you can use getPedOccupiedVehicle for this. If he is in a vehicle, you set the vehicle's position instead of the player, which is returned by the function mentioned above. Also, your function will throw errors, as "thePlayer" value defined in your function is actually the command name that was executed, in this case "gotosf", check addCommandHandler for more info on this topic.
  2. Because onPlayerLogout is called after the logout was successful, at that point the user is in the "guest" account. Check the wiki page for more info, you need to use the first argument of the event which is the previous account the user was in before logging out.
  3. Seems like restarting the resource causes the element datas to break. Adding a check on the side fixes the issue, but creates another issue, you gotta reenter your car after each resource restart. Also, I'm not sure how your code ran, as there is no "distance" value defined in your snippet. If it's needed, readd it in the line please. addEventHandler ("onPlayerVehicleEnter", getRootElement(), function (theVehicle, seat, jacked) if theVehicle and seat == 0 then theVehicle:setData("lastPos", theVehicle:getPosition()) end end) setTimer(function() for k, veh in ipairs(getElementsByType("vehicle")) do if veh then local pos = veh:getPosition() local vec = veh:getData("lastPos") if pos and vec and getUserdataType(vec) == "vector3" then local value = getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(vec:getX(), vec:getY(), vec:getZ(), pos:getX(), pos:getY(), pos:getZ()) if value then end end end end end, 2000, 0)
  4. This post was created back in 2018, why was this bumped? Do you still require help @Notorious^?
  5. Because you are getting the vehicle's speed at the resource startup. You'll have to use a timer to check more than once.
  6. There is probably a cancelEvent in the gamemode for debugscript 3. We also dont provide help for downloaded gamemodes.
  7. You can cancelEvent() the pickup with onPlayerPickupHit, then create your own system for respawning and managing pickups.
  8. Receive a warm greeting, how much do you charge for creating scripts? A Race [DM] server will open and we need a scripter, what is your price?

    For example, I would need:
    - Userpanel
    - Login Panel
    - Toptimes set
    - etc.

  9. Hali le tudnád kérlek írni, hogy a Handlingnél mi micsoda? PL:

    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "mass", 2600)
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "turnMass", 6333.3)
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "dragCoeff",2.0)
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "centerOfMass", { 0.0, 0.0, -0.2})
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "percentSubmerged", 80)
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "tractionMultiplier", 0.95)
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "tractionLoss", 0.70)
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "tractionBias", 0.46)
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "numberOfGears", 5)
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "maxVelocity", 860)                                                       *végsebesség* Ezt tudom 
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "engineAcceleration", 15)                                             * Gyorsulás* Ezt is xd 
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "engineInertia", 30)
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "driveType", "FWD")
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "engineType", "petrol")
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "brakeDeceleration", 3.0)                                               *fékezés* Ezt is 
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "brakeBias", 0.80)
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "ABS", false)
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "steeringLock", 44.0)
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "suspensionForceLevel", 1.5)
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "suspensionDamping", 0.07)
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "suspensionHighSpeedDamping", 2.0)
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "suspensionUpperLimit", 0.20)
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "suspensionLowerLimit", -0.12)
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "suspensionFrontRearBias", 0.45)
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "suspensionAntiDiveMultiplier", 0.0)
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "seatOffsetDistance", 0.2) 
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "collisionDamageMultiplier", 0.43)
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "monetary", 20000)
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "modelFlags", 1)
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "handlingFlags", 1)
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "headLight", 0)
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "tailLight", 3)
    --setVehicleHandling(veh, "animGroup", 13)


    Szóval így Köszönöm ha tudsz segíteni benne ;) :D :P  Nem túl jó az angolom köszikee

  10. If it uses downloadFile, you can use onClientFileDownloadComplete.
  11. Easy way would be using two objects. moveObject and setCameraMatrix with the object's position.
  12. Any error in the debugscript?
  13. @killingyasoon You'll have to add an event to remove the eventhandler when the player logins.
  14. function DestinationB(hitPlayer) if hitPlayer == localPlayer then markerB = createMarker( -498.54946899414, 191.89947509766, 723.70001220703, "corona", 1, 0, 255, 255, 200, localPlayer ) blipB = createBlip( -498.54946899414, 191.89947509766, 723.70001220703, 0, 2.5, 0, 255, 255, 255, 0, 99999, localPlayer) addEventHandler("onClientMarkerHit", markerB, DestinationC) end end And you'll have to add this to all of your marker creations.
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