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  1. Collision not attach to object?

    And it seems like upon reconnecting, the collisions position is fixed, and it is at the position it should be, with the event working just fine.
  2. Collision not attach to object?

    At vehicles, it works. But on objects, it is totally useless. It says I just entered a colshape which is about 40 units away.
  3. Collision not attach to object?

    After my testings, it seems like MTA still cant use colshape events after the colshape is attached. Just don't use attachElements and use setElementPosition instead.
  4. Collision not attach to object?

    Are you using this on server-side?
  5. Collision not attach to object?

    I dont know if you can attach colshapes at all. Try to use setDevelopmentMode and showcol.
  6. [Doubt] Server Side

    @raynner can you goddamn stop using my signature? Like you didn't even ask if you could use it. I made that GIF, if you want to use it, at least ASK.
  7. spwan with parachute

  8. Help Me Please

    Add your user in the acl.xml.
  9. spwan with parachute

    function spawnHandler() giveWeapon(source, 46, 500) end addEventHandler("onPlayerSpawn", getRootElement(), spawnHandler) This is the right code. He needs to give them a parachute when they spawn, not when they join.
  10. Site and server on different hosting

    Not totally without it, as if you connect to the localhost, it doesn't have to reach out. But I suppose the connection between the hosting and the site would be acceptable.
  11. Site and server on different hosting

    You can easily connect your MySQL to a different server.
  12. sniper aim

    Does this happen on other servers too?
  13. Help! I want when Cop kills Crim they go Jail!

    onPlayerWasted, getPlayerWantedLevel and setElementPosition. You'll have to create a jail system for it too. You could use setElementData and a colshape to check if he leaves the jail area.
  14. Secure Zone Anti Zombies Problems :(

    So use getElementData or getElementModel on the peds to check their skin.
  15. The only way you could do it is addDebugHook, but it may degrade script performance.