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  1. Rotation

    Try it out. 😂
  2. Rotation

    Try with guiSetProperty.
  3. PHP SDK

    Did you read the wiki page?
  4. getTimerDetails

    Use [ code] tag next time.
  5. pickup sound

    I suppose you can use the setWorldSoundEnabled function for it, but test it.
  6. pickup sound

    Do you wanna mute the sound when hitting a pickup?
  7. [Question] Getting player that clicked button

    Server-side function customEventHandler(thePlayer, givenAmount) if isElement(thePlayer) then givePlayerMoney(thePlayer, givenAmount) end end addEvent("customEvent", true) addEventHandleR("customEvent", getRootElement(), customEventHandler) Client side triggerServerEvent("customEvent", getRootElement(), localPlayer, ironMoney) Just supposed to work.
  8. [Question] Getting player that clicked button

    givePlayerMoney on client-side does give money to the player, but only on his side. Use a custom event and trigger it with the player and the amount of the money as an arg.
  9. [Question] Getting player that clicked button

    Giving money on client-side wont really work as you would expect.
  10. [Question] Getting player that clicked button

    function SaveClientCash(quitType, reason, responsibleElement) if not (isGuestAccount (getPlayerAccount (source))) then local account = getPlayerAccount (source) if (account) then local MyIronMoneyz = getElementData( source, "moneyz.set" ) if (MyIronMoneyz) then setAccountData (account, "moneyz.saved", MyIronMoneyz) end end end end addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit", getRootElement(), SaveClientCash) Why did you try to use the "MyIronMoneyz" variable as a function?
  11. [Question] Getting player that clicked button

    recieved_money_for_iron = selling_iron*100
  12. How to disable ambient wind sound

    You have to go inside an interior and then leave it to disable that sound which is already playing.
  13. [Question] Getting player that clicked button

    Use tonumber.
  14. How to disable ambient wind sound

    Use setDevelopmentMode and the showsound command. Wait till you hear the wind sound and then use setWorldSoundEnabled to disable it with the given ID.