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  1. front and behind coords of vehicle

    You can use OOP and then use transformPosition for it. If you dont want to use OOP, you can use math for it.

    I suppose you highlighted the said line. Next time use [ code] tags. if itemName == "EngineOne" then if getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Tamir Çantası") and getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Tamir Çantası") >= 1 then if (getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Motor") or 0) > 0 then local col = getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"currentCol") triggerServerEvent("playeRepairingAnim",localPlayer,2) setElementData(col,"Motor_inVehicle",(getElementData(col,"Motor_inVehicle") or 0)+1) setElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Motor",(getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"Motor") or 0)-1) triggerServerEvent("playeRepairingAnim",localPlayer,2) startRollMessage2("Inventory", "Bir motor koyuldu!", 22, 255, 0 ) else startRollMessage2("Inventory", "Sende Motor Yok!", 255, 22, 0 ) end end
  3. Delete all toptimes of a map

    Can you give us your table's structure of the toptimes?
  4. Hey, add me on skype, I need to talk to you

    1. Dreemax32


      It's  ( Malekz5 ) .

  5. little help

    You'll have to use the onPlayerLogin event, check if the player is in the console ACL Group using the isObjectInAclGroup (which needs the getAccountName and aclGetGroup functions), and then just using an addEventHandler to draw the image using dxDrawImage, and then use the playSound function. And you'll have to use a custom event using addEvent because those functions are server-sided only.
  6. [help]

    Try if string.find(guiGetText(textBox), "www.") or string.fnd(guiGetText(textBox), "http") then
  7. Back from my vacation, lets go.

  8. Rotation

    Try it out. 😂
  9. Rotation

    Try with guiSetProperty.
  10. PHP SDK

    Did you read the wiki page?
  11. getTimerDetails

    Use [ code] tag next time.
  12. pickup sound

    I suppose you can use the setWorldSoundEnabled function for it, but test it.
  13. pickup sound

    Do you wanna mute the sound when hitting a pickup?
  14. [Question] Getting player that clicked button

    Server-side function customEventHandler(thePlayer, givenAmount) if isElement(thePlayer) then givePlayerMoney(thePlayer, givenAmount) end end addEvent("customEvent", true) addEventHandleR("customEvent", getRootElement(), customEventHandler) Client side triggerServerEvent("customEvent", getRootElement(), localPlayer, ironMoney) Just supposed to work.