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  1. Ludwig

    AC#6666 problem.

    @ccw Is there any way how can you check my MTA, so I have a proof that I don’t use any softwares?
  2. Ludwig

    AC#6666 problem.

    So, some time ago I got kicked from a server with such reason - AC#6666, which was seen by some admins, and they immediately banned me and accused me of a cheater, with wallhack and aim. This guy’s name is Bpb>*star-tR, maybe some of you know them, and he still doesn’t believe me that I don’t use cheats. Is there some way, how you can check If I have any software, If I give all the details and logfiles about my MTA?
  3. Ludwig

    Anti Cheat problem - There it is. Servers are working right now but still, you can watch what is there, maybe later this problem will appears again. And this problem isn't only for me on other forums many of players have this problem. EDIT - And this problem is again, I can't get in any server with anti cheat ..
  4. Ludwig

    Anti Cheat problem

    So, when I join some server with anti cheat it shows - ''Disconnected : Connection to the server was lost'' or ''Connection Timed out'', after a few tries server shows that I've modified lamp collision mods. I re-install GTA and MTA, it didn't help me. I don't use any modifications or other programmes to cheat, maybe someone can help me with this problem because I really don't know how to fix it.