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  1. well MTA0.2 was about 2.5 mb... i think...
  2. i dont think synced damage is that necessary , if a normal car that a normal pedestrian is driving bums intro a traffic light it automaticly knocks down by the car.... if u know what i meen....... AND The moon isent that inportent (the size then of curse) (u know when u shot whit sniper rifle on the moon it getting lager/smaller...)
  3. what about synced weather and clock will that be possible in later versions?? (if two or more players race and 4 one it rains and another its sun then they wil have diffrent handeling wont they???? yes they would!!!!!)
  4. FoX Wrote: Ok i want to point out I think people need to stop talking about GGM on the MTA forums. You wanna take about GGM? go talk on the GGM forums. they have 'em. Now to answer your question, yes you can shoot people in GGM. I tested that.....extensivly.... HEHE u can shot but they wont die so what is the point???
  5. i were on the worlds bigest lan party in norway som weeks ago 5300 people!!!! (The Gathering) can u beat that he??
  6. i don't think VC wil be delayed gta3 wassent delayed more than 14 days from the actual releash date... I can't belive its almost a year ago...
  7. WHAT do u mean with That Snow White????? : It is truly good to know children of druglords in Columbia will never be hungry...
  8. hi Grate to know! and windows Xp sucks if u are going to use anny of microsofts OS us Windows 2000 advanced Server or Windows 2003 Server Enterprise! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF Linux: USE Gentoo or Slackware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. wel another example is (the same game type) a mission to kill a important policeman or A president at business travel, maby even a eye witnes in a police car (or at the street) to testify in court and, the police men is trying to stop the criminals. (u should not se the man/woman on the radar but onlu whit a arrow over him so the criminal have to search 4 him/her in a area (timelimited)........maby the criminal(s) have to kill a serten number of picked people who were eye witness at the last mission....
  10. when i posted the counter-strike suggestion i did not SAD Exactly like conter strike!!!!!! CS is boring! I ment more like Cops and Criminals!!!! NOT TERRORISTS AND COUNTER-T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more like the cops try to hunt down the criminals after the criminals had a mission to kill a (maby) inportan person!!!!!!!! (better idea???? ) ps: MTA ROCKS!!!...!!!...!!!...!!!
  11. instant gang is that when u pick up a powerup 5 "people" (who are NOT another player) defend and figths 4 u (bodygards) this was in the gta2 multiplayer! mta rocks!
  12. will it be "instant gang" in mta 0.3b it locks like it at the screenshots on the homepage???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? GOOD WORKING! MTA ROCKS!!!!
  13. mavrick_uk: VB is Simple its logical you wil learn it faaaaassssttt!!!!!!!! if ur stuk there are sorce codes at http://www.freevbcode.com, http://www.vb-bookmark.com/vbSourceCode.html + many other sites I really do - Mr.Bill
  14. i got a question 4 the Mta team what will the file size of mta 0.3b be??? just so i can know how long it will take to downloade (when it is completed) Gah, I hate you - MrBill
  15. Hehe looks like he has writen his homepage wrong try with http://www.redspikelan.tk (he has forgoten the e) hehehe if u love gta3 then u can try Postal2 it rock! but its only a walking game(no multiplayer)! MTA Rocks !!!! keep up the good work! . !!!!!!! . O O . ¿ . '------' . Have a nice day......
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