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  1. Emix

    dgs gridlist, tab

    How to make columns, rows, tabs by looping stuff? e.g. It says - attempt to index global 'tab' (a nil value) Tried to do the same thing withgui and it worked well I'm idiota.... Had to add tab = {} at the top. 😅
  2. Emix

    dx list scrolling

    Hello there! I wonder how to make scrollBar for a dx list. Have seen a lot of different tutorials but none of them helped me. Seems like I'm too dumb to understand it 😭 Here is how my code currently looks like:
  3. Emix

    MTA is crashing

    Reinstalled GTA and MTA, updated graphics card and DirectX, changed settings to 'suggested'.... nothing helped me out. Please help @ccw @Dutchman101
  4. Emix

    MTA is crashing

    Yes please https://pastebin.mtasa.com/582547375
  5. Emix

    MTA is crashing

    Can anyone please take a look at this kind of problem? I'm really out of ideas what could I do. Would be great if you stop ignoring this thread and solve caused problem asap. MTADiag is just making me download 1.5.2 unstable version which does not work...
  6. Emix

    MTA is crashing

    Hello? Devs? Anyone? 🙄😥😥
  7. Emix

    MTA is crashing

    Hello there! Sad to announce but my MTA is crashing too often. Sometimes when I minimize MTA then maximize it again it crashes and error popups - Also ( idk if that makes sense ) - Problem appeared after MTA update.
  8. Yes. MTADiag - http://pastebin.mtasa.com/848013655
  9. Same problem here. Sometimes it's getting fixed when I minimize MTA and then maximize it again. But when I do the same again it's lagging same as before. When it's lagging. Those bug jumps are because of moving mouse. Sometimes after that minimize/maximize thing that I mentioned upper.
  10. Same problem here. But not only mouse is lagging but whole game. Any ideas how to solve it? http://pastebin.mtasa.com/625240022
  11. 100% replaced with 75%. Can't fix veh to 100% Fixed ( Had also to replace /100*carhp with /75*carhp )
  12. Hello, there! I'm up to make a speedometer but found some kind of problem. When vehicle is on ~25% it starts flaming and blowing up. How to make veh flaming when it's on 0%? Code
  13. Emix

    vehicle limit

    Thank you! Works exelent now
  14. Emix

    vehicle limit

    I removed that loop but stil same problem.
  15. Emix

    vehicle limit

    Hello! Recentrly started working on protect system and added vehicle limit in colshape but something went wrong and it does not work as I wanted to. When arena reach limit all vehicles in whole map teleport in 1 point. I hope you understand what I mean. local colshapepos = {-2633.27832, -39.11388, 1.76461, 18.8447265625, 9.484432220459, 6.1000002861023} local kickpos = {-2602.0732421875, -44.96484375, 4.1796875} local maxvehs = 1 local grupnos = "sss" local co4 = createColCuboid(colshapepos[1], colshapepos[2], colshapepos[3], colshapepos[4], colshapepos[5], colshapepos[6]) setElementID (co4, grupnos) function checkVehicles(theElement) local counter = #getElementsWithinColShape(source, "vehicle") local vehicles = getElementsByType ( "vehicle" ) if counter < maxvehs then elseif counter > maxvehs then for vehicleKey, vehicleValue in ipairs(vehicles) do setElementPosition(theElement, kickpos[1], kickpos[2], kickpos[3]) setElementFrozen(theElement, true) setElementFrozen(theElement, false) end end end addEventHandler("onColShapeHit", getRootElement(), checkVehicles)