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  1. 1: Why here? 2: Don't use those mods with MTA!!!!! 3: Why are people always complaining about: Yes, there are lots of bugs blablabla... MAKE A GAME YOUR OWN IF YOU THINK YOU CAN DO IT BETTER!!
  2. etalien


    Because you always start on the same moment in the game, (0 days, 0 hours.. the beginning..) it always starts with same music (programmed in GTA:VC).... If you load up a game (single player), get a car, listen to radio, you ALWAYS get the same... And if you load another game (not the same) than it gives other music.. so when the music starts, depends on what time you are in the game
  3. I just got my new ATI 9600 PRO... Good card.. I got my pc running at 2750+ 512 kb (overclocked) ---> its a 2800+ barton So I can play GTA at full great res!!! (got a flatscreen crt 19" )
  4. and if you have a geforce, just download the new d-driver
  5. etalien

    ps2 controler

    hehe.. would be the best way I think
  6. would be possible on PSX 120 GB harddisk
  7. Maybe something you wanna know: Hosting a game yourself needs much more bandwith than join others
  8. je netwerk heeft verder altijd goed gewerkt??
  9. etalien

    No HOME key

    buy a new keyboard?? lol its the c button 2 I thought..
  10. etalien

    MTA Users

    Thanks IJsvogel (and the rest of the team o'course) I think you guys did a really great job the past few months..
  11. getting *.com will cost you money (to register the .com domain) But there also are free domains.. like dot.tk, you get an adress like: http://www.yourdomain.tk fill in your ip there, and I think it ill work.. (maybe, never tried)
  12. He has it all thought out..
  13. etalien

    mIRC ingame?

    That true, but putting it in the game would really suck a lot!!
  14. tanks will suck.. You can hardly destroy them, and they can easy kill you (even if you can't fire)
  15. etalien

    mIRC ingame?

    Bwah, stupid idea.. If you do this why not getting icq, or msn in the game?? lol
  16. First of all: Nice movies and I think its gonna be great.. But if you are going to putt ramps everwhere etc, don't you have to change the gta:vc files then?? Or can you make it so that its not changed in gta but only in mta?? I think you guys do that.. but Im just wondering
  17. nais movie gonna try it up to 300 times myself
  18. I think it includes: - Getting money for the stunts.. - Display what kind of stunt is was - maybe.. making special stunt places (like the 36 in the game) The above two are shown in the pictures on the news page..
  19. good idea, but that would take a lot of work I think..
  20. looks sweet tell me when its going to happen
  21. The function the server config tool isn't working correct... I discovered.. It sais: "enable logging" but it doesn't enables at all
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