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  1. I was flying around exploring "Ghost Town" and suddenly i noticed some kind of names on the map. For further information take a look at the images i took. http://agentjx.autonet.ee/img/gta3mta/H ... crn002.jpg http://agentjx.autonet.ee/img/gta3mta/H ... crn003.jpg http://agentjx.autonet.ee/img/gta3mta/H ... crn004.jpg http://agentjx.autonet.ee/img/gta3mta/H ... crn005.jpg http://agentjx.autonet.ee/img/gta3mta/H ... crn006.jpg http://agentjx.autonet.ee/img/gta3mta/H ... crn007.jpg Sorry if this has been already discussed.
  2. [jX]

    Ohw my God!

    Damn funny one. That 720 was pretty mad.
  3. [jX]


    It would b really nice if in addition to score and ping, F11 showed frags and deaths.
  4. Nice vid. That so called GTA Rap song's name is actually Grand Theft Auto (also known as Joyride) performed by Da Shootaz.
  5. Confirmed and dated. // damn forgot to add link. http://www.gamespot.com/ps2/adventure/g ... 90315.html
  6. http://www.google.com/search?q=open+sou ... 8&oe=utf-8 doh.
  7. I can't help but think about Michael Jackson's chest when I think about that. Rather disturbing. sure http://static2.stileproject.com/rnd/img/vd12.jpg -- http://static2.stileproject.com/rnd/img/janetjustin.jpg // damn them.
  8. damn, learn to read. u may lock this thread now.
  9. Check ur PMs. *use another no-cd patch. *make a copy of cd2. i think it was CloneCD which copied the entire cd with protection as well. so no cracks/patches needed.
  10. hm. no, i dont pause the game anymore. and iv never alt-tabbed during a combat. but i have to admit that pausing while piloting heli above the sea with passangers in is pretty funny. that cheaters name was mac (also maq) yea i hadn't played mta for a long time so i forgot to lower game's resolution. thats why everything is smaller than usually.
  11. a fag caught on tape so heres the clip. also we got a potential cheater image.
  12. http://hellninjacommando.com/defilerpak/ btw nice vid hehe.
  13. yea! 2night the show will be repeated. too bad i cant cap it.
  14. no dude, u cant. i tested it before posting ur pic.
  15. I haven't cheat, really! Cheating is lame. omfg. // ur like one of those who run for health icons while having max hps.
  16. yea that damned bus was after me too lol. // i found a screen. Somehow i managed to get on the bus' roof so he lifted me up. The fun didnt last too long though..
  17. [jX]


    ah back in days when i got a server with a friend, there was only one and a certain rule - not to call anybody cheater unless u no everything about mta probs, ping, sync etc. Ban was easy to come but fortunately most of ppl got the point.
  18. nice ass. please read the rules before posting pictures.
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